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Find out how to check and calculate your 13th INSS salary online, without leaving home. Plan your finances in advance and make the most of this benefit.

Beneficiaries can now check their long-awaited 13th INSS salary without leaving home, providing convenience and practicality.

This benefit, aimed at retirees and pensioners, has been eagerly awaited, as in all previous years.

In fact, if the trend of payments already made continues, the forecast is that the INSS will credit the amounts of the 13th salary between the months of May and June. More details can be found below.

INSS 13th salary payment forecast: check the dates and find out how to check your benefit in a convenient and safe way. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to check the INSS 13th salary online?

The 13th INSS salary consists of two installments, allowing beneficiaries to plan their finances in advance.

However, it is important to highlight that this benefit applies exclusively to pensioners and retirees, excluding beneficiaries of the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), who are not entitled to this extra payment.

Therefore, stay tuned, as the installments should be released this semester.

How to calculate the INSS 13th salary?

You may be wondering how to calculate the INSS 13th salary. As in the case of workers with a formal contract, the calculation uses the months of payment from the previous year as a base.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Christmas bonus has been paid between the months of May and June, following a consistent pattern.

To understand the calculation, it is important to know the criteria involved:

Divide the value of the beneficiary’s monthly salary by 12 months. Multiply the result by the number of months in which the beneficiary received the benefit during the previous year. The value obtained represents 100% of the thirteenth salary, which will be paid in two installments.

INSS 13th salary payment calendar: check the dates

The official INSS thirteenth salary payment calendar is now available for consultation, and the amounts will be available in the first week of the payment month.

This brief wait is due to the need for the statements to be updated by the system. Here’s how you can check the information:

First, access the Meu INSS application and log in. Afterwards, in the services menu, find the "Statements" option. Then select "Payment statement". Choose the desired month. Find out the amount and the date on which the deposit will take place.

Ease of online consultation: INSS thirteenth benefits

This online consultation facility offers INSS beneficiaries the opportunity to stay informed about their payments, all without having to leave home.

It’s a convenient way to plan your finances and ensure you make the most of your benefit. Pay attention to the dates and prepare to receive your 13th salary from INSS.

Now that you know how to consult and calculate your 13th INSS salary, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to plan your finances in advance.

Pay attention to payment dates and use the online consultation facility to ensure that you receive your benefit efficiently and smoothly.

In conclusion, the INSS Christmas bonus is a valuable resource for retirees and pensioners, and its easy and secure online access makes the entire process more convenient than ever.

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