Changed your mind? See how to cancel your FGTS birthday withdrawal and why you should do it

Many Brazilians have already regretted requesting the FGTS birthday withdrawal! Check out how to cancel your membership and save your money.

Choosing between the FGTS withdrawal-birthday and withdrawal-termination modality can be a complex decision for many Brazilian workers.

Recently, some opted for the birthday withdrawal, attracted by the possibility of accessing part of the FGTS balance annually. However, doubts arise: is it possible to go back? And why would anyone want to do that?

Changed your mind? See how to cancel your FGTS birthday withdrawal and why you should do it. Credit:

What is the FGTS Birthday Withdrawal?

The FGTS birthday withdrawal allows workers to withdraw a portion of the balance from their FGTS accounts annually, in the month of their birthday.

Despite being an attractive option, there are important implications to be considered, mainly related to what happens in the case of unfair dismissal.

How to cancel the FGTS birthday withdrawal?

Cancellation of the birthday withdrawal is permitted, but it is important to be aware that the change to the withdrawal-withdrawal modality will only be effective 25 months after the request.

In other words, even after canceling the birthday withdrawal, the worker remains linked to this modality for two years. See the step by step below:

Access the FGTS application, available for Android and iOS. On the home screen, select the "FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal" option. In "Choose withdrawal system", choose the "Withdrawal-Termination Modality" option. and confirm the change by clicking "Yes".

Is it worth requesting a withdrawal?

Opting for a birthday withdrawal means having extra money every year, which is certainly attractive. Therefore, since its implementation, the modality has guaranteed the support of millions of Brazilians.

However, this modality interrupts the possibility of redeeming the full FGTS amount in case of unfair dismissal, at least during the two-year grace period after the requested cancellation. In this case, only a termination fine of 40% of the value will be available.

Think carefully before asking for your FGTS birthday withdrawal!

Before opting for a birthday withdrawal, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons. The possibility of accessing a portion of the FGTS annually may seem advantageous, but it is necessary to consider long-term financial security, especially in the case of unexpected dismissal.

The decision to cancel the FGTS birthday withdrawal must be made carefully and after a detailed analysis of one’s own financial needs and work circumstances.

Although the change to withdrawal-termination will take two years to come into force, it may represent a safer choice for those who prefer guaranteed access to the full FGTS balance in situations of unfair dismissal.

This is a clear example of how the flexibility of the FGTS can be adapted to individual needs, but it requires a deep understanding of the rules and implications of each option.

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