Changed driver's license? Find out everything about the 2024 update

If you are a driver – be it a car, motorcycle or truck – it is crucial to keep an eye on the 2024 driver’s license update! Check everything that has changed in the document.

Brazilians’ National Driving License (CNH) has entered a new era with significant updates, marking a parallel advance to the introduction of the National Identity Card (CIN).

With the changes, the CNH gains new security elements, reflecting international identification standards and promising greater protection against fraud and forgery. To check out all these changes, just stay with us!

Everything about the new driver’s license update! Credit: plasticaxe.

The beginning of a new era for the CNH

Since June 2022, Detrans across the country began issuing the CNH in a renewed format, incorporating advanced technologies to increase the security of the document.

These innovations are a direct response to the growing need for more secure and reliable authentication, both nationally and internationally.

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Did the driver’s license update change the categories?

No! The structure of the CNH categories remains the same, divided into five main categories that specify the types of vehicles that the driver is authorized to drive:

Category A: For motorized vehicles with two or three wheels, with or without a sidecar.Category B: For motorized vehicles not covered by category A, with a total gross weight of up to 3,500 kg and capacity for up to eight seats, excluding the driver.Category C: For category B vehicles and motor vehicles used in the transport of cargo with a total gross weight above 3,500 kg. Category D: For category B and C vehicles and motor vehicles used in the transport of passengers, with a capacity of more than eight seats, excluding the driver.Category E: For combinations of vehicles in which the tractor unit falls into categories B, C or D and whose coupled unit has a total gross weight of 6,000 kg or more, or whose capacity exceeds eight seats.

Format update on the new CNH

A crucial update to the Driver’s License involves the format of the document. The new CNH is offered in both physical and digital format, both with the same legal validity.

The digital format can be accessed through the Digital Traffic Card (CDT) application, available for Android and iOS devices, facilitating access and presentation of the document when necessary.

Drivers who have the previous version of their CNH can continue using it without any problems until the need for renewal or issuance of a second copy, at which point they will receive the new format. For new drivers, the first license will already be issued in the updated model.

Innovations in driver’s license identification

The new CNH stands out for its improved security elements, such as fluorescent paint and items visible only under ultraviolet light.

The updated version of the document also draws attention because it incorporates information such as social name, emotional affiliation, and a table with vehicle silhouettes indicating the driver’s license categories.

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What are CNH codes for?

A new feature that generated doubts among drivers was the introduction of a table with 13 types of license, identified by codes such as A1, B1, C1, among others.

These codes, although they may appear to indicate subcategories, are actually part of an international standard intended to facilitate driver identification in other countries. In Brazil, they are of little importance.

These are the driver’s license updates for 2024! Keep an eye out and follow all Contran rules to avoid fines and even the loss of your vehicle.

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