Chamber approves cancellation of retirement: understand the CONTROVERSY!

Approval of the cancellation of retirement in the Chamber leaves INSS beneficiaries angry! Check out how this update might affect you.

Are you aware of the recent debate that is stirring up conversations about social security in Brazil? The Chamber of Deputies approved a bill that is generating a real wave of discussions: the cancellation of retirement.

But what does this really mean and how could it affect you and other retirees? To check the answer, there is no secret: just keep reading!

Everything about the cancellation of INSS retirement! Credit: plasticaxe.

INSS pays different types of retirement

Many Brazilians do not know, but "retirement" is not a single benefit, but rather an umbrella term used to identify several INSS payments.

Currently, there are several categories, including retirement based on age, contribution time, disability and special retirement. Each has its specific criteria and associated benefits.

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Bill results in cancellation of retirement

The Bill that brings about the cancellation of retirement, in fact, refers to a practice known as "desaposentaĆ§Ć£o", which allows the renunciation of retirement under the General Social Security Regime (RGPS) and the calculation of a new benefit.

This practice is somewhat positive for those who continued working and contributing for another 60 months after retiring.

The measure opens up the possibility for retirees to ask the court for a review of the benefit, if they have returned to work and contributed to social security.

More details about canceling retirement

The project was approved as a replacement for the original bill, encompassing 30 other projects being processed in Congress.

The substitute defines that only those who returned to work and contributed for another 60 months after retirement can request the waiver and recalculation of the benefit.

From the same point of view, the proposed law makes it very clear that it is possible to make up to two similar requests under the same title.

Can all retirees guarantee the review?

No. It is important to highlight that the rule does not apply to all forms of retirement. For example, cases of permanent disability do not allow recalculation.

Furthermore, special retirement has specific rules, where recalculation based on contribution time and salary resulting from activities exposed to agents harmful to health is not permitted.

Controversy for retirees and pensioners!

The new proposal also mentions that pensioners can request a recalculation if the original insured person has not made the request.

However, there are no changes to other benefits, and retirees who continue working will only be entitled to family allowance and professional rehabilitation.

The approval of this project represents a major change in the way retirement is managed by the INSS in Brazil.

While some see it as an opportunity to increase their benefits, others are concerned about the long-term implications this could have on the country’s pension system.

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Has the project already been approved?

Finally, it is worth remembering that the project will still undergo further analysis in other committees of the Chamber before being definitively approved. This means that there is still room for debate and possible adjustments to the text.

The cancellation of retirement and the recalculation of benefits represent a controversial issue with a great impact on Brazilian retirees.

While we await the final developments of this proposal, it is essential that citizens stay informed and prepared for the changes that may be on the way.

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