Can a copy be worth more than R$10,000?

Is it true that the commemorative coin that went viral on TikTok could be worth more than R$10,000? Check out all the details about the item and see how to identify it.

Few people know, but a simple R$1.00 coin kept in your wallet or drawer can be worth more than you imagine! In some cases, the value can exceed R$15 thousand.

With the recent craze on TikTok about rare coins, a specific commemorative coin from the Central Bank is attracting attention and could be a real hidden treasure. See below everything you need to know about the item!

Discover the commemorative coin that could be worth a lot of money! Credit: Reproduction

What are Commemorative Coins?

Commemorative coins are special pieces minted to mark important events, anniversaries, or historical figures.

Unlike regular circulation coins, they are produced in limited quantities and often have unique designs, making them objects of desire for collectors and numismatic enthusiasts.

THIS is the R$1 coin that is worth R$10,000

Recently, a video on TikTok from the "NumismaticaCultural" account revealed that a R$1.00 commemorative coin, minted in 2005 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Central Bank of Brazil, could be worth between R$10,000 and R$15,000.

However, to reach this value, the coin must be in excellent condition and be a bifacial piece, that is, have both sides with the same design.

To make everything more practical, we show below the video that went viral on TikTok about one of the most valued currencies in Brazil; check out:

Details that value Brazilian currencies

It’s not just commemorative coins that can be worth a fortune. Other real coins, which have minting errors or rare characteristics, can also reach high values.

For example, a 25-cent coin minted with the obverse swapped with the 50-cent coin can be worth up to R$3,000, while a 1-real coin from 1994 with the reverse reversed is valued at around R$850.

THESE common coins can be worth fortunes!

In addition to commemorative coins and minting errors, some common coins can surprise you with their value.

This is the case with a 5-cent coin from 1997, which, if lighter than normal, could be confused with a 1-cent coin and be worth up to R$800.

Such hidden treasures may be forgotten in our pockets, wallets or even thrown in drawers. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on it.

It’s time to look for the coin at home!

The discovery of valuable coins like these reminds us that sometimes treasures can be hidden in the most ordinary of places.

If you’re a coin collector or simply someone curious about the value of everyday objects, it might be time to take a closer look at the coins you own.

Who knows, maybe you have a little treasure waiting to be discovered? Finally, in the video below, you can check out other examples of rare coins that are worth a lot of money:

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