calendar, exemption range, values ​​and more

Millions of Brazilians will have to pay Income Tax in 2023! See our complete guide on IR 2023 to make the declaration in a safe and responsible way.

Income Tax (IR) is an annual reality in the lives of Brazilians. With the arrival of 2024, it is crucial to be up to date with the news and changes in IR, especially for those looking for planning and financial peace of mind.

Understanding IR 2024 is more than an obligation; It is an important step in managing your finances. With that in mind, see below all the details that have already been revealed about the tribute!

IR 2024: calendar, exemption range, values ​​and more. Credit: Reproduction.

What is Income Tax?

Income Tax is a federal tax on the income of citizens and companies in Brazil. It focuses on different forms of income, such as salaries, rents and profits.

In this sense, understanding how it works is essential to avoid errors and ensure compliance with tax obligations.

IR 2024 Calendar: When to submit the declaration?

The IRS defined that the period for submitting the IRPF 2024 declaration (base year 2023) will be from March 15th to May 31st.

This period of two and a half months is essential for taxpayers to organize their documentation and fulfill their obligations without any problems.

Expansion of the IR 2024 Exemption Band

A big new feature in 2024 is the expansion of the IR exemption range from R$1903.98 to R$2112.00. This change means that 13.7 million taxpayers will be exempt from the tax, a measure that alleviates the tax burden for many Brazilians.

Discounts on Income Tax declaration in 2024

For those who opt for the simplified declaration model, there will be a discount of R$528 on the tax paid at source, increasing the exemption range to an amount equivalent to two minimum wages.

This discount is a way to simplify and benefit a large number of taxpayers. In addition, taxpayers who opt for a pre-filled declaration receive refunds with priority.

Taxable income and mandatory declaration

Even those exempt in the new exemption range must be careful: it is mandatory to present the declaration if they had taxable income from R$ 28559.70 in 2023. The declaration is essential to maintain tax regularity with the Federal Revenue.

Who needs to declare income tax in 2024?

In addition to the income range, those who received exempt, non-taxable or taxable income above R$40,000 during the year are required to declare.

This includes resources such as FGTS, unemployment insurance, scholarships, workers’ compensation, donations and inheritances. In addition, owners of assets worth more than R$300,000 are also required to declare.

The pre-filled declaration, launched in 2023, will be made available again, gathering data on earnings and expenses from the previous year in advance. This tool significantly facilitates the declaration process, being a major advance in the citizen’s interaction with the tax authorities.

Preparation for the declaration

It is recommended that taxpayers gather all necessary documentation at the beginning of the year. Millions of Brazilians are already preparing!

Being informed about IR 2024 is crucial to avoid surprises and maintain financial health. With the changes in the exemption range and the availability of the pre-filled declaration, the process becomes more accessible and less costly for many taxpayers.

Planning and organization are the keys to a smooth process without setbacks. Find out more on the official IRS website:

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