Caixa releases special withdrawals in specific regions: check the details!

If you live in some specific places, know that you can have access to an exclusive Caixa withdrawal. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

At a time when many Brazilians are facing unprecedented challenges, Caixa announces a significant relief measure: the release of the calamity withdrawal in several regions. This announcement comes as an encouragement to those who are dealing with economic adversities resulting from calamity situations.

In this article, we will explore the criteria, conditions and procedures for those who can make the calamity withdrawal, offering essential information for the beneficiaries of this Caixa initiative. Understand how this resource can be a crucial point for many families in difficult times.

Caixa is releasing a new withdrawal method for some Brazilians. See if you can access the values! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Caixa releases calamity withdrawal: a light at the end of the tunnel for many Brazilians

The calamity withdrawal is an emergency action that allows workers, affected by adverse situations such as natural disasters or pandemics, to access financial resources at critical times. This initiative, led by Caixa in partnership with government bodies, is designed to provide immediate and necessary financial support to those affected.

Eligibility and procedures

Eligibility for the calamity withdrawal is determined by specific criteria, which vary depending on the nature of the calamity. Workers with employment contracts, residing in areas affected by natural disasters, have the right to request this benefit. Recently, ordinance No. 1246 included 18 municipalities in the list of eligible locations:

BA – Caraíbas;CE – Itapipoca;CE – Madalena;MA – Monção;MA – Viana;PA – Itupiranga;PE – Flores;PE – Iguaraci;PE – Ouricuri;RO – Campo Novo de Rondônia;RS – Camaquã;RS – Nova Hartz;RS – Poço das Antas;RS – Santa Bárbara do Sul;RS – Santo Antônio do Planalto;SC – Morro Grande;SP – Itaporanga;SP – Pacaembu.

How do I request a calamity withdrawal through Caixa?

The process for requesting a calamity withdrawal is relatively simple:

Download and access the FGTS application (Android: or iOS: the ‘My Withdrawals’ option;Choose the category ‘Other Withdrawal Situations – Public Calamity’;Follow the instructions and provide the necessary documents, such as identity, proof of residence and, if applicable marriage certificate or public deed of stable union.

Required documentation

The required documents include a valid identity document, proof of residence in the applicant’s name and, in some cases, additional documents that Caixa Econômica Federal may request.

Deadlines and values

The maximum withdrawal amount is limited to R$6,220.00 per natural disaster event. It is essential that the worker makes the request within 90 days from the publication of the ordinance, noting that they cannot have made another withdrawal of this type in the last 12 months.

Main FGTS withdrawal methods: find out and enjoy

The Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) is one of the most important labor benefits in Brazil. With different withdrawal methods, it offers financial support in various situations. Knowing these modalities can help workers make the best use of this resource. Here are the 8 main FGTS withdrawal methods:

Termination withdrawal: allows the worker to withdraw the total FGTS balance in the event of unfair dismissal; Birthday withdrawal: option that allows the withdrawal of a portion of the FGTS balance annually, in the month of the worker’s birthday; Retirement withdrawal: available to workers who retire, allowing full withdrawal of the balance; Withdrawal for purchasing your own home: allows you to use the FGTS to buy or finance your own home, in addition to amortizing or paying off the outstanding balance of housing loans; Withdrawal for treatment of illnesses severe: available to workers or their dependents diagnosed with cancer or in the terminal stage of a serious illness; Withdrawal upon death of the worker: dependents or legal heirs can withdraw the balance in the event of the worker’s death; the use of FGTS to finance education at technical and higher levels.

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