CAIXA competition with 4 thousand vacancies for the secondary level; know more!

Find out everything about the CAIXA competition with 4,000 mid-level vacancies and find out how to prepare for this unmissable opportunity.

Caixa Econômica Federal is about to open registrations for a public competition that promises to shake up the world of competitions in Brazil. With 4,000 vacancies available for mid-level candidates, this is an opportunity that many have been eagerly awaiting.

The organization of the selection process will be the responsibility of the Cesgranrio Foundation, one of the most respected banks in the country. The notice is scheduled to be released in February, which leaves candidates waiting.

Find out the details of the CAIXA competition with 4 thousand vacancies and check out valuable tips for effective and successful preparation. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Caixa 2024 competition: vacancies and requirements

Namely, the Caixa 2024 competition will include two categories of mid-level positions: New Banking Technician (TBN) and New Banking Technician for the IT area. For New Banking Technicians, 2,000 vacancies are offered for each category. In addition, there is a provision for selection for higher education, with 40 vacancies, 28 vacancies for occupational physicians and 22 vacancies for occupational safety engineers.

Compensation and benefits

For mid-level candidates, the starting salary for the New Banking Technician position is R$3,762. For higher education professionals, such as occupational physicians and occupational safety engineers, starting salaries are even more attractive, reaching R$11,186 and R$14,915, respectively.

In addition to competitive salaries, those selected will also have access to a series of benefits, such as health care, supplementary pensions, food and meal allowances, transportation vouchers, daycare allowances, among others. These benefits make Caixa Econômica Federal a very attractive employer for candidates.

When to wait for the Caixa 2024 competition notice

The anxiety of candidates will only increase, as the notice is in the preparation phase and is scheduled to be published in February.

In this sense, it is important that interested parties remain aware of the details and requirements of the competition, as well as the official schedule that will be published together with the notice. Advance preparation is the key to success on this journey towards a career at Caixa Econômica Federal.

How to prepare for the Caixa Competition

In addition to all the information about vacancies, requirements and benefits, it is essential to know how to best prepare for the Caixa Econômica Federal competition. Below, we share some valuable tips for those who want to secure their place in this opportunity:

1. Create a study schedule

Firstly, organization is the key to success in contests. Create a study schedule that includes all the subjects that will be covered in the test, dedicating enough time to each of them.

2. Caixa 2024 Competition: study material

Look for reliable study materials, such as books, video classes and online preparation courses. Make sure the content is updated according to the notice.

3. Issue resolution

Practice solving questions from previous Caixa tests and similar competitions. This helps you understand the style of the questions and improve your performance.

4. Simulations and tests

Carry out simulations to test your knowledge and time the time spent on each section. Blank tests are also useful for training time management.

5. Focus on relevant matters

Dedicate more time to subjects that have greater weight on the test. Typically, Portuguese, mathematics and banking knowledge are crucial areas.

6. Stay up to date

Follow the news and updates related to Caixa Econômica Federal and the competition. This can be useful for testing specific knowledge.

7. Rest and take care of your health

Also, don’t forget to include moments of rest in your study routine. A rested mind is more effective. Also take care of your physical and mental health.

8. Support networks

Finally, consider joining study groups or online forums, where you can share knowledge and receive support from other candidates.

Stay tuned to our website for more information as soon as the notice is published and continue following the latest news about public tenders here. Don’t miss this chance to boost your professional career.

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