CAIXA and the minimum Pix of R$600.00 in January: find out everything!

Who is entitled to Pix of at least R$600 at Caixa Econômica Federal? We show the most relevant details of this payment.

The beginning of 2024 is full of expectations and hot news on Brazil’s economic and social scenario. Among the headlines that have caught the attention of Brazilians, the three twists of Bolsa Família with Pix of over R$600 from Caixa are highlighted, bringing financial relief to millions of families across the country.

In this article, we will reveal all the details of this important Federal Government income transfer program.

CAIXA and the minimum Pix of R$600.00 in January: find out everything! Credit: Reproduction

Big changes in Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família, which already plays a crucial role in reducing social inequality in Brazil, has undergone a series of significant changes in 2023.

The Federal Government raised the base value of the benefit to R$600.00, easing the burden of expenses for many low-income families. But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Everything about Pix da Caixa

The big news that is making everyone’s jaw drop is the integration of Pix into Caixa as a means of payment for Bolsa Família.

This means that beneficiaries will be able to receive the amounts directly into their Caixa Tem accounts, quickly and securely. This technological advance comes to simplify the lives of beneficiaries and speed up access to resources.

Discover the additional benefits of Bolsa Família

In addition to the main Bolsa Família payment, beneficiaries can also count on two extra benefits that further increase the amount available to families in vulnerable situations.

The first is the "Primary Childhood Benefit," which adds R$150 per child up to seven years old who is part of the family. This support is essential to guarantee the well-being of children and access to quality education from an early age.

The second additional benefit is the "Benefício Variável Família Nutriz," which adds R$50 to the payment for each family member up to six months of age. This incentive seeks to ensure adequate nutrition for mothers and babies, promoting health from the first months of life.

Gas aid: Beyond Pix da Caixa

In addition to the benefits mentioned, the Bolsa Família program also offers other advantages for beneficiaries.

Among them, the "Vale-Gás" stands out, which releases 50% of the national average value of a 13 kg gas cylinder every two months. This helps to alleviate household expenses and ensure a safe environment for families.

Bolsa Família Calendar – When does Pix da Caixa drop?

So that beneficiaries can plan appropriately, it is essential to know the Bolsa Família payment schedule in January. The schedule, as usual, is defined according to the last digit of the beneficiaries’ NIS. Check the dates:

January 18 – deposit for NIS 1; January 19 – deposit for NIS 2; January 22 – deposit for NIS 3; January 23 – deposit for NIS 4; January 24 – deposit for NIS 5; January 25 – deposit for NIS 6; January 26 – deposit for NIS 7; January 29 – deposit for NIS 8; January 30 – deposit for NIS 9; January 31 – deposit for NIS 0.

With these dates in mind, beneficiaries can organize themselves and ensure that they receive the resources at the right time, making the most of the benefits offered by the program.

Pix da Caixa brings relief to Brazilians

The beginning of 2024 promises to be a period of positive transformations for Brazilian families registered with Bolsa Família.

With the three aspects of the program, Pix na Caixa as a form of payment and extra benefits, the government seeks to strengthen support for the most vulnerable, promoting a more equal and fair society.

Pay attention to the payment schedule and make the most of available resources to ensure a brighter future for you and your family. Bolsa Família is an important ally in building a fairer and more inclusive Brazil.

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