CadÚnico INCREASES benefits for Brazilians; Check out the full list and how to sign up

Discover the new benefits of CadÚnico 2024 and find out how to sign up for social support. Learn more about the eligibility criteria, registration process and important updates.

The Single Registry for Social Programs, known as CadÚnico, is a fundamental initiative of the Federal Government to identify Brazilian families in situations of social vulnerability.

In 2024, with economic and social changes, CadÚnico will become even more crucial, expanding benefits and facilitating access for thousands of Brazilians.

Here, we explore the new benefits, who can enroll, and how to be part of this vital program. So, keep reading.

CadÚnico 2024 expands benefits for Brazilian families in vulnerable situations. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Expanded Benefits of CadÚnico 2024

In 2024, CadÚnico underwent a significant expansion, offering a wider range of social benefits.

These programs are essential, especially in a period of economic instability, providing vital support to families most in need.

What is needed to complete the Single Registry?

To be eligible for CadÚnico, the family’s monthly per capita income must be up to half a minimum wage or the family’s total income must not exceed three minimum wages.

In addition, specific family groups such as farmers, traditional communities, and people with disabilities can also register.

How to register for CadÚnico 2024?

Registration with CadÚnico can be initiated at the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS).

It is essential that the family has a responsible person, preferably a woman over 16 years old, to provide the necessary information.

What document is needed to apply for CadÚnico?

The required documentation includes official identification of all family members, such as CPF, ID, birth or marriage certificates, among others. This step is crucial to ensuring accuracy of information and eligibility for benefits.

Expansion of benefits available through CadÚnico

With CadÚnico 2024, beneficiaries have access to a variety of programs. These include Bolsa Família, Minha Casa Minha Vida, benefits for the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as programs aimed at environmental conservation and support for rural productive activities.

Registration Update

To ensure continuity of benefits, it is essential to keep data up to date. Any change in family structure, income or address must be communicated to CadÚnico, preferably every two years or as changes occur.

Furthermore, the modernization of CadÚnico included the introduction of an application and the redesign of the website. Now, citizens can carry out initial registration, update data and access information about benefits in a practical and efficient way, all online.

Pre-registration for CadÚnico benefits

The pre-registration available in the application is an innovation that speeds up the process. After completing the initial information online, the Family Responsible has 120 days to complete the registration in person, optimizing time and reducing queues at service stations.

Ultimately, CadÚnico 2024 represents a milestone in social inclusion in Brazil. With the expansion of benefits and the modernization of the registration system, more Brazilians in vulnerable situations now have the opportunity to access essential programs.

This system not only provides financial and social support, but also helps the government to better understand the needs of its neediest populations, creating a virtuous cycle of support and development.

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