Brazilians will receive everything at once in 2024

Between late INSS payments and court-ordered amounts, the Government must make more than R$97 billion available to beneficiaries! Know everything.

2024 marks a significant year for retirees and beneficiaries of the INSS (National Social Security Institute) in Brazil, especially those who have taken legal action against the Government body.

With the release of R$97 billion for extraordinary payments, many Brazilians who are entitled to INSS arrears and court orders will see a substantial impact on their finances. Below, we will understand what court orders are and how this new feature impacts beneficiaries.

INSS arrears and court orders: Brazilians will receive everything at once in 2024. Credit: Pronatec.

What are court orders?

Precatório are government debts arising from court decisions, where the citizen won a case against a government entity.

In the context of the INSS, they generally involve payments due to retirees and pensioners who have won legal actions to review benefits or compensation.

These amounts, often substantial, represent a correction of rights and benefits that have not been adequately paid in the past.

The payment of these court orders is a fundamental step towards social justice, ensuring that citizens receive what is owed to them by the government.

R$97 billion in arrears for INSS policyholders

The release of an extraordinary credit of R$97 billion to pay court orders issued in previous years represents a significant change in the financial lives of many retirees and pensioners.

The amount, which is part of the result of a judgment by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), not only alleviates the financial burden of many, but also brings a sense of justice and recognition to those who have been fighting for their rights for years.

Who is entitled to INSS arrears? How to consult?

The beneficiaries of these payments are individuals who have won legal actions against the INSS, including requests for review of benefits and compensation.

To identify who is entitled to receive these amounts, it is necessary to consult the list of those covered by court-ordered payments, available on the websites of the Federal Regional Courts.

The consultation requires data such as CPF, lawyer’s name, or case number, allowing policyholders to check if they are on the list of beneficiaries and monitor the progress of the process.

The procedure is crucial to ensure that all those who are entitled receive the amounts to which they are entitled.

INSS arrears in the Brazilian economy

The injection of these R$97 billion into the economy, specifically targeted at retirees and pensioners, is more than a simple payment. It symbolizes financial relief expected by many and a recognition of long-neglected rights.

For many of these beneficiaries, this money can mean the difference between living with dignity or facing financial hardship. It is an opportunity for many to adjust their finances, pay off debts or even invest in a better quality of life.

Don’t forget to check payments!

The release of R$97 billion to pay INSS arrears and court orders in 2024 is encouraging news for thousands of Brazilians. From now on, we can say that it symbolizes the recognition and guarantee of rights, in addition to being an important step in the settlement of government debts with its citizens.

For those who have been eagerly awaiting these amounts, the year 2024 brings not only financial relief, but also the feeling of justice finally being realized. Find out more on the agency’s official website:

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