Brazilians who put their CPF on the note will be able to earn R$2.9 MILLION; see how to participate

Participate in the program and compete for R$2.9 million in prizes just by requiring your CPF on the note. Discover how to increase your chances and take advantage of tax benefits

Win cash prizes with a simple gesture: request your CPF on your invoice. This is the opportunity that the Nota Fiscal program offers Brazilians.

With a total prize of R$2.9 million at stake, the program gained prominence as an innovative and attractive initiative for consumers.

Therefore, in the lines below we will explore in detail how to participate in this draw and what the benefits are for those registered.

Find out how to win cash prizes just by entering your CPF in the note. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

CPF on the Tax Invoice: learn about the program

Nota Fiscal Goiana has already gained the interest of around 875 thousand people from Goiás, with a notable growth of almost 100 thousand new registrations in 2023, representing an increase of 87% compared to the previous year. This success is due to its simplicity and the promise of cash prizes.

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Awards for consumers and football clubs

In addition to providing consumers with chances to win substantial prizes, the program also benefits football clubs, allocating R$4 million throughout the year.

With 12 monthly draws, the pinnacle of prizes takes place in December, when the total prize value rises to R$700,000.

How to participate in the Nota Fiscal Goiana?

Namely, participating in the program is easy and accessible to everyone. Simply register on the state government’s official website, thus guaranteeing your participation in the draws. Transparency is essential, and the names of the winners are published on the portal each month.

How does the CPF award work on the Goiana Invoice?

The mechanics of the program are simple: for every R$100 spent on purchases with an invoice registered with the participant’s CPF, a ticket to participate in the draw is automatically generated.

It means, therefore, that the more you buy and request the CPF on the note, the greater your chances of winning a slice of this generous prize.

In January, for example, almost 5 million tickets were issued, demonstrating the high level of consumer participation.

Furthermore, those registered in the program enjoy a discount of up to 10% on the IPVA value, making this initiative even more attractive for citizens who want to save.

Tax benefits

Another important point to highlight is that more than 500 thousand people obtained a tax reduction in the previous year thanks to the program.

Therefore, in addition to the exciting opportunity to win cash prizes, participants can also benefit from significant tax advantages.

In short, the Nota Fiscal Goiana program offers Brazilians an exciting chance to compete for substantial prizes, simply by requiring the CPF on the invoice during their purchases.

With a history of growth and thousands of tickets issued each month, this initiative not only attracts consumers, but also contributes to local sport and offers tax benefits.

So, don’t waste time and sign up now for your chance to win R$2.9 million in prizes!

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