BPC/Loas is available in 2024, check the requirements to receive monthly

Have you heard of BPC/Loas? This is a benefit that can be crucial for some Brazilians, especially those on low incomes. Check out!

Amid constant changes in retirement and social assistance policies, many Brazilians find themselves looking for clear and accurate information. This is because benefits such as BPC/Loas can help a lot, if released.

In this sense, if you are part of this group, especially interested in receiving payment of the amounts for this benefit in 2024, pay attention, as the rules are evolving!

Those who are entitled to receive the BPC/Loas must pay attention to the details of the benefit. Know more! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How does BPC/Loas work?

In principle, BPC/Loas is a light at the end of the tunnel for many who did not contribute to the INSS, including elderly people aged 65 and over and low-income people with disabilities.

This benefit guarantees a monthly minimum wage, guaranteeing vital support for those who need it.

What are the BPC/Loas rules?

Next, to be eligible for the BPC/Loas, it is essential that the applicant is elderly (aged 65 or over) or disabled and cannot provide for their own subsistence or have it provided by their family.

The monthly family income per person must not exceed half the minimum wage, a crucial criterion for granting the benefit.

How to request payment of BPC/Loas?

Furthermore, the BPC/Loas request requires the presentation of specific documents at a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), including identity, CPF, and proof of family income.

In addition, it is necessary to be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico). When registering, you can request the benefit from INSS, which is responsible for paying the installments.

Difference between this benefit and pensions

It is essential to understand that BPC/Loas is not a retirement, even if it is the responsibility of the INSS. In short, it does not include a 13th salary or death pension, for example.

Its nature is assistance, intended to provide support to those who really do not have other sources of income. Therefore, in fact, it does not require contributions to Social Security.

Prepare before applying!

With the implementation of the new retirement policy scheduled for 2024, it is crucial to be informed and prepare in advance.

Therefore, if you believe you are entitled to BPC/Loas, don’t leave it until the last minute. Seek your rights and ensure the well-being of yourself and your family.

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Discover other INSS benefits

It is worth remembering that the INSS offers a variety of benefits designed to provide financial and assistance support to its policyholders at different stages of life and situations of need.

In addition to the well-known BPC/Loas, there are other crucial benefits that make up Brazil’s social protection network. Check out!

Sickness benefit

Firstly, sickness benefit is a benefit granted to workers prevented from working due to illness or accident for more than 15 consecutive days.

After evaluation by INSS medical expertise, the insured receives income while they are unable to work.

Maternity pay

Maternity pay is intended for workers who take time off from their activities due to the birth of a child, adoption or legal custody for adoption purposes.

The benefit is paid for 120 days, and can start up to 28 days before birth.

Death pension

The death pension is a benefit paid to the dependents of the worker who died or had his presumed death declared by the Court.

In short, the objective is to guarantee a source of income to support the family of the insured person who contributed to the INSS.

Prison aid

The confinement allowance is intended for dependents of the INSS insured person who is imprisoned in a closed or semi-open regime, as long as they are not receiving a salary or other benefit from the INSS. The benefit aims to provide financial assistance to the family during the period of imprisonment.

Accident assistance

Finally, accident benefit is a benefit granted to workers who suffer an accident and are left with consequences that reduce their work capacity.

This benefit is paid as a form of compensation and is compatible with the return to work.

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