Bolsa Família receives INCREASE? Beneficiaries are HAPPY!

Bolsa Família policyholders are already celebrating the increase on social media, but has the adjustment already been confirmed? Check the official government announcements.

Joy is in the air for the beneficiaries of Bolsa Família, one of the most important social programs in Brazil. Recently, great news was announced about the value of the benefit for the families served.

From January 2024, the amount to be received by beneficiaries will undergo a crucial change, providing real news for Brazilian families in situations of social and economic vulnerability. Check out the new value below!

Check if you can receive the Bolsa Família increase! Credit: plasticaxe.

How to keep CadÚnico updated?

Firstly, before talking about the new value of Bolsa Família, we must explain the importance of keeping CadÚnico always updated.

To ensure correct receipt of Bolsa Família, families must update CadÚnico every two years, or whenever they have undergone significant changes.

This registry, after all, is the tool that the government uses to define payments. Regular updating must be done in a CRAS unit.

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Government confirms increase for Bolsa Família!

That’s right! The Federal Government has just confirmed a considerable increase in the average amount that Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive every month.

The increase in Bolsa Família raises the minimum payment to R$600 per family. This increase in the average value, which is now R$685.61, is calculated based on the sum of payments made during the month.

To receive more than the minimum amount, families must meet specific criteria established by the federal government, such as carrying out prenatal care for pregnant women and completing their children’s vaccination card.

Extra Benefits of Bolsa Família

In addition to the standard benefit, the Bolsa Família program offers a series of extra benefits, which include:

Nutriz Family Variable Benefit: Adds R$50 per family member up to six months of age. Citizenship Income Benefit: Pays an additional R$142 per person in the family. Complementary Benefit: Guarantees that the minimum value of Bolsa Família is of R$600 for all beneficiaries.Early Childhood Benefit: Adds R$150 per child up to seven years old.Gas Voucher: Releases 100% of the national average value of a 13 kg gas cylinder every two months.

These benefits are paid together with the main benefit, through the Caixa Tem application. Therefore, they follow the same benefit calendar.

Bolsa Família Payment Calendar in January 2024

Bolsa Família payments in January 2024 follow a specific calendar, defined in accordance with the order of the Social Identification Number (NIS). Beneficiaries will receive their payments between January 18th and 31st, according to the last digit of the NIS.

Below, you can check the complete and updated Bolsa Família calendar for January 2024, with the increase already accounted for:

NIS with ending 1: Payment on January 18NIS with ending 2: Payment on January 19NIS with ending 3: Payment on January 22NIS with ending 4: Payment on January 23NIS with ending 5: Payment on January 24NIS with ending 6: Payment on January 25NIS with ending 7: Payment on January 26NIS with ending 8: Payment on January 29NIS with ending 9: Payment on January 30NIS with ending 0: Payment on January 31

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A Welcome Relief

The increase in the average value of Bolsa Família is very positive news for millions of Brazilian families.

With the new value and extra benefits, Bolsa Família beneficiaries have plenty of reasons to celebrate. If you still have questions about the benefit, just access the official website to resolve the issues:

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