Bolsa Família holders who live alone will be AFFECTED by the changes; check out!

You live alone? If the answer is positive, keep an eye on the article below! Government confirms important changes to make Bolsa Família available to this group.

Changes to Bolsa Família are on the way, and a specific group deserves special attention: people who receive payments even though they live alone.

Bolsa Família can be deposited for people who live alone, but to do so, beneficiaries must meet certain criteria – criteria that have been recently updated. More details in the article below.

Changes to Bolsa Família for people who live alone! Credit: plasticaxe.

What are single-person family units?

In the Bolsa Família scenario, there is a term that may not be familiar to many: "single-person family units".

This concept refers to beneficiaries who constitute a family on their own, that is, people who live alone.

This distinction is crucial to understanding the new changes to the program, which bring with them a set of rules and criteria specific to this group.

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Government confirms changes to Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família, an essential program to guarantee basic rights to families in vulnerable situations, has undergone a series of changes recently.

Among the most significant are the rules for single-person families, made up of just one member. We will show all the updated rules throughout the article.

Who is entitled to the benefit?

To be eligible for Bolsa Família, firstly, you must meet some fundamental requirements:

Updating the Single Registry (CadÚnico): It is crucial to keep the CadÚnico always up to date. The update must be done every 2 years, or whenever families undergo significant changes. Monthly Family Per Capita Income: The family’s total income must not exceed R$218 per person.

Changes to Bolsa Família for those who live alone

The new Bolsa Família rules, updated by the Federal Government in 2024, bring specificities to single-person families. Below we have the complete list:

Only 16% of each municipality’s payroll can cover single-person families under Bolsa Família. These families (made up of a single person) are entitled to receive a fixed installment of R$600. From the same point of view, single-person families cannot are entitled to additional benefits from the program. The new rules are only valid for new concessions and do not affect old beneficiaries.

How to keep Bolsa Família active?

Families benefiting from the program, including single-person families, must fulfill commitments in the areas of health and education to keep Bolsa Família active. Are they:

Prenatal monitoring and the national vaccination calendar. Nutritional monitoring for children under 7 years of age. Minimum school attendance of 60% for children aged 4 to 5 years and 75% for beneficiaries aged 6 to 18 years.

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Stay tuned for the new rules!

The changes to Bolsa Família are extremely important for beneficiaries who live alone and depend on this program.

Understanding these changes is essential to ensure continuity of aid and maintenance of basic rights. Keep an eye on the dates and requirements to ensure you benefit!

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