Bolsa Família BLOCKED? Decision can be reversed in less than 72 hours

Was your Bolsa Família benefit blocked? See how to get around this situation so you can get paid again every month!

Did you know that the block in the Bolsa Família program can be reversed within 48 hours? For many families, Bolsa Família is more than a social assistance program; It is a bridge to a more dignified life and a promising future. However, facing a block in this benefit can bring a feeling of uncertainty and worry. But don’t despair! There are efficient and quick ways to deal with this situation.

Do you receive Bolsa Família every month, but ended up having the benefit blocked? Find out how to solve it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What can cause Bolsa Família to be blocked

Blocking Bolsa Família occurs as a precautionary measure when inconsistencies are identified in the registration data or non-compliance with the program’s conditionalities. Common reasons include:

Outdated or incorrect data in the Single Registry; School attendance below 75%; Pregnant women without prenatal care; Outdated vaccination records for children; Failure to withdraw the benefit for more than 120 days.

How to resolve and unlock the benefit

To reverse the block, follow these steps:

Blocking notification: the holder will be notified about the block via the Caixa Tem app, SMS or CRAS; Identification of the pending issue: check which pending issue is indicated in the notification; Regularization: go to the responsible body (CRAS, health center or Federal Revenue Service) to regularize your situation;Update on CadÚnico: after regularizing the pending issue, go to CRAS and update your Single Registry with proof of regularization;Wait for Release: normally, the blocked installment is released around 48 hours after regularization .

Keep the benefit active

Remember, even with the lockdown, the family remains in the Bolsa Família program. Once the pending issue is resolved, the benefit resumes normally, including retroactive payment of amounts not withdrawn during the blocking period.

Bolsa Família: discover the additional benefits that can increase your aid!

The Bolsa Família program, in addition to its base value, offers a series of additional benefits that can significantly increase the amount received by registered families.

These additional benefits are designed to meet the specific needs of different groups within beneficiary families, thus contributing to greater financial security and a better quality of life. Let’s explore what these additional benefits are and how they can positively impact the total value of Bolsa Família. Check out!

Basic benefit

The basic benefit is granted to families in extreme poverty, regardless of family composition.

Variable benefit

Variable Benefit Linked to Children or Adolescents (BVCA): this benefit is intended for families with children or adolescents aged 0 to 15 years. Each family can accumulate up to five BVCA;Variable Benefit Linked to the Pregnant Woman (BVG): granted during pregnancy, this benefit aims to guarantee the health of the pregnant woman and her baby;Variable Benefit Linked to the Nursing Mother (BVN): intended for families with children between 0 and 6 months of age, focusing on nutrition during the first months of life; Youth Variable Benefit (BVJ): for families with adolescents between 16 and 17 years old, aiming to support their stay in school. It is possible to receive up to two BVJ per family.

Benefit for overcoming extreme poverty

This benefit is aimed at families who, even after receiving other benefits, are still in a situation of extreme poverty. The amount is calculated individually, based on the family’s per capita income.

Each of these additional benefits has specific eligibility criteria and determined amounts. Bolsa Família beneficiary families must keep their information updated in the Single Registry to ensure correct and full receipt of benefits.

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