Blue and black or white and gold? What color do you see?

In the unforgettable case of the dress, did you see blue and black, or white and gold? Viral image raises doubts and is the subject of several scientific studies; understand!

You certainly remember the famous dress that shook the internet in 2015, known as #TheDress. This dress generated heated debates about its real color: for some, blue and black; for others, white and gold.

Almost ten years later, this intriguing piece of clothing still arouses curiosity and continues to stir neuroscience communities and generate posts on social networks such as TikTok and Twitter.

Blue and black or white and gold? What color is the dress? Credit: Reproduction.

What is optical illusion?

The intriguing case is a classic example of optical illusion, where a person’s visual perception can differ significantly from objective reality.

Experts explain that our understanding of colors is closely linked to biological issues and our personal experiences.

Humans’ understanding of color is related to these past experiences and environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun or specific shades of the sky.

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How the blue and black or white and gold dress controversy began

It all started in Scotland, in the store where the dress was purchased. Cecilia Bleasdale, when sending photos of the dress to her daughter, did not expect the confusion that would ensue.

The daughter saw the piece as white and gold, while Cecilia and her husband saw it as blue and black. The photo was published on Facebook and then on Tumblr, receiving more than 400,000 comments in 48 hours.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber joined the debate, defending their perceptions of dress colors.

Blue and black or white and gold: Which is the true color?

The dress, identified as "Royal-Blue Lace Detail Bodycon Dress", is officially blue and black and was produced by the English brand Roman Originals.

After going viral, all available units were sold in just 34 minutes, and the dress was used in more than 2.2 million posts on social media. See another photo below:

This is the real dress. Credit: Reproduction.

Understanding the phenomenon

Experts say that the phenomenon is more related to our experiences. Exposure to different light conditions can influence how we perceive colors.

Neuroscientist Claudia Feitosa-Santana, who has been researching the phenomenon since the beginning, mentions in her book "I Control How I Feel" that color divergence has more to do with environmental factors than genetic ones.

Furthermore, studies indicate that exposure to a bluer or grayer sky can modulate our perception of colors.

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The dress lesson

The case of the #TheDress dress is not just an internet viral, but an interesting case study in neuroscience and vision science.

It reveals the complexities of human perception and how external factors and personal experiences can dramatically influence how we interpret the world around us.

It remains a fascinating topic for discussion, study and, of course, to remember one of the most iconic viral videos in the history of the internet.

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