BC's receivables system has more than R$7.5 million waiting for withdrawal; consult!

More than R$7.5 million awaits withdrawal from the Central Bank’s Receivables System. Access now and see if you have forgotten values ​​to recover.

Have you ever thought about finding extra money that you didn’t even remember you had? This surprise may be closer than you think.

In the Central Bank’s Receivable Values ​​System (SVR), more than R$7.5 million awaits owners. That’s right, a significant amount could be waiting for you!

More details can be found below. So follow along!

Your money could be waiting for you at the Central Bank! Check the Receivable Amounts System. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

R$7.5 million available for withdrawal through the Central Bank’s Values ​​Receivable System

Right now, millions are available for withdrawal. Around 16 million Brazilians have already been surprised to discover forgotten values.

In short, this money can come from inactive bank accounts, consortiums or other financial institutions. Now, it’s your turn to check if there is an amount with your name on it.

With a few clicks, you can find out if you are entitled to these amounts. The process is completely free and safe, carried out through the official Central Bank portal.

Below, we explain how you can make this inquiry and recover what is yours.

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How to consult the receivable value system?

See the step by step:

Access the SVR Website: First, access the official website of the Receivable Values ​​System. Enter Your Data: For individuals, use the CPF and date of birth. In the case of companies, the CNPJ and opening date are necessary. Check the Values: Immediately after entering your information, the values, if any, will be displayed on the screen.

Furthermore, to request the redemption, it is essential to have a silver or gold level Gov.br account. If your account is at the bronze level, you will need to upgrade it.

In cases of death of the holder, heirs and legal representatives have a specific procedure.

On the other hand, for legal entities, the Gov.br account must be linked to the CNPJ, and only the legal representative can make the redemption request.

Once the redemption is requested, the amount is returned via Pix within 12 business days. For those without a Pix key, negotiating with the financial institution is the solution to receiving the money.

Alert for online fraud

Safety is paramount. In this sense, consultations must be made exclusively on the Central Bank portal. Beware of suspicious links or fraudulent sites that ask for sensitive information.

This is your chance to redeem values ​​that are rightfully yours. Thousands of Brazilians have already taken advantage of this opportunity.

So, don’t let it pass you by! Check today if you have receivables. Therefore, access the SVR portal, consult and withdraw your forgotten money.

Common questions

Who can consult? Any natural or legal person can carry out the consultation. Is it necessary to pay for the consultation? No. The consultation is completely free. How do I know if the consultation is safe? Only access the official website of the Central Bank to ensure the security of your information. How does redemption for heirs work? Heirs or legal representatives must follow a specific process, which includes proof of the relationship with the deceased holder. Can I receive payment in another way besides Pix? Yes, if you don’t have a Pix key, contact the indicated financial institution to arrange a payment method.

Anyway, don’t waste any more time! Millions are waiting to be rescued. Be part of the millions of Brazilians who have already benefited from the Receivable Values ​​System.

Finally, consult now and welcome unexpected money that could make all the difference in your daily life.

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