Banco do Brasil and the immediate loan via PIX: find out everything!

Recently, Banco do Brasil launched a pix modality that will make all the difference for account holders. Check out!

Have you ever imagined getting a loan instantly, securely and completely digitally? Banco do Brasil has just brought this reality a little closer to us, with the launch of an innovative type of credit via PIX.

So, if you need easy money that can be deposited instantly in your account, see how to take advantage of BB’s new features.

Banco do Brasil finally launched the pix modality that its account holders were waiting for. See how it works! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Banco do Brasil launches loan via pix

Initially, Banco do Brasil, one of the pillars of the national financial system, presented the market with a revolutionary way of granting loans: through PIX.

This modality allows customers to access credit immediately, which represents a significant advance in terms of agility and practicality.

Various loan options through BB

Furthermore, the bank offers a wide range of loans, aiming to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

From automatic loans, ideal for those who need money urgently, to payroll loans, more suitable for retirees, pensioners and public servants.

In addition, the bank also offers secured loans, which have more advantageous conditions.

How to use the loan via pix?

Now, for those who want to take out a loan via PIX with Banco do Brasil, the process is quite simple and can be carried out completely online, through the application (Android: or iOS: or the bank’s website (

Just follow the steps indicated, carry out a simulation and, after approval, the desired amount is released instantly via PIX.

Remember Financial Responsibility

It is important to highlight the importance of careful financial planning before taking out any type of loan.

Despite its ease and speed, a loan is a financial responsibility that must be managed carefully to avoid future complications.

Pix on BB is a revolutionary new feature

In short, the introduction of PIX as a tool for releasing loans by Banco do Brasil is an important milestone in the financial market.

It offers not only speed and practicality, but also the security that customers expect from an institution as solid as Banco do Brasil.

Launched in 2020, PIX quickly became the main means of transferring money in Brazil, also attracting the attention of cybercriminals who developed several scams to deceive victims.

However, a Siverguard report pointed out that 4 in 10 Brazilians have already been the target of a PIX scam, highlighting the most common modalities:

Product scam or fake store, where criminals create sales pages with irresistible offers; Fake relative scam asking for money, in which criminals clone WhatsApp and request transfers; Scam involving false opportunities to invest, attracting victims with promises of quick returns; Product purchase scam from a hacked social network, where real company accounts are hacked to offer non-existent products.

How to protect yourself from these scams?

Finally, to protect yourself, it is essential to check the reputation of stores, be suspicious of urgent requests for money and question investment offers that seem too good to be true.

In the event of a scam, measures such as interrupting communication with the scammer, documenting what happened and activating the Special Return Mechanism (MED) are recommended to try to recover lost amounts.

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