Bad news for a group of C6 Bank customers: you NEED to know!

Find out how changes to C6 Bank’s annual fee will affect your pocket from March 2024. Find out who can still take advantage of the exemption and make informed decisions.

The financial world is always in motion, and one of Brazil’s main banking institutions, C6 Bank, has just announced a change that will considerably affect a specific group of its customers.

From March 1, 2024, the conditions related to the annual fee for the C6 Carbon credit card will undergo a significant change, leaving many cardholders concerned and in search of clear information on the subject.

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What is changing in the C6 Bank annual fee?

Until recently, C6 Carbon card holders enjoyed a notable benefit: a 50% discount on the annual fee, as long as they reached a minimum spend of R$4,000 on their bills.

It was an advantage that many customers liked, making the card even more attractive. However, with the new changes announced by C6 Bank, this discount will no longer exist, creating a situation that deserves attention from card users.

Exemption from annual fees for special customers

Despite the end of the 50% annual fee discount, there is positive news for some C6 Bank customers. The annual fee exemption will remain valid for those who make expenses from R$8,000 on their invoices.

In practice, this means that customers who usually spend more with their cards will be able to continue taking advantage of this benefit.

In addition, the annual fee exemption will also continue to be applied to those who have investments from R$50,000 in Bank Deposit Certificates (CDBs) offered by the bank itself.

For these customers, the news is a financial relief, as their annual fee expenses will remain at zero.

C6 Bank customers: stay tuned for changes

The message that C6 Bank wants to convey to C6 Carbon card holders is clear: stay tuned for changes in annual fee conditions.

Therefore, it is essential that customers understand the new rules that will come into force from March 1, 2024.

Furthermore, the bank reinforces its commitment to providing transparency and clear information to its customers, ensuring that everyone is aware of the conditions that will affect their cards.

What are the advantages of the C6 Carbon?

The C6 Carbon Mastercard Black is known for offering a series of features that aim to provide practicality and flexibility to its users.

One of the highlights is the possibility of converting points into cash in the account, providing 1.2% cashback to consumers, based on a dollar exchange rate of R$4.80.

Additional benefits

In addition, the card allows you to request up to six additional credit cards at no extra cost, with the exception of issuing a duplicate of any additional card, which will be charged.

Travel benefits include:

Access to the Mastercard Black VIP Room in Guarulhos; andUp to four accesses per year to the LoungeKey and W Premium Group rooms, shared between the holder and additional guests.

For everyday use, the C6 Carbon Mastercard Black offers up to four toll and parking tags at no cost, as long as the card is used on credit at least once in the previous month.

Furthermore, the C6 Conta Global functionality makes it possible to carry out transactions in dollars and euros, expanding the options for customers who carry out operations in foreign currencies.

Changing the C6 Bank card type

For C6 Bank users who want a more personalized experience, it is possible to change their card type directly through the app.

The process is simple and intuitive, just access the application menu, select the "Card" option and tap "Change type".

Finally, it is important to note that points accumulated with the C6 Carbon card will remain available for redemption, preserving the customer’s flexibility regarding the use of these benefits.

However, when changing the type of card, customers will lose the exclusive benefits offered by C6 Carbon, such as the accumulation of up to 3.5 points that do not expire for every dollar spent on credit in the C6 Átomos Program, in addition to all Mastercard Black benefits.

In conclusion, C6 Bank is implementing important changes related to the annual fee for the C6 Carbon card, directly affecting a group of customers.

While some will lose the annual fee discount, others will still be able to enjoy the exemption based on their expenses or investments.

The decision whether or not to change the card type should also be made carefully, considering the unique advantages offered by the C6 Carbon. Stay informed and make choices that meet your financial needs.

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