Are you a student and in debt? See how to take advantage of Serasa's DISCOUNT of up to 93%

Have you ever imagined paying a debt for just 10% of the original amount? With Serasa’s new initiative, anyone who is a student and has debt can do this! Know everything.

Are you a student and facing financial difficulties? Do not freak out! Something new from Serasa could be the light at the end of the tunnel for you.

With discounts reaching up to 93%, Serasa is offering a unique opportunity for students to renegotiate their debts and resume their studies without the burden of finances getting in the way. Keep reading to find out how to participate!

Anyone who is a student and has debt has a new opportunity! Credit: plasticaxe.

Being a student in Brazil can be challenging, especially when it comes to finances. Many students end up accumulating debt due to late tuition fees, especially in a scenario of unemployment, prioritization of other bills and reduced income.

Almost half of defaulting students are forced to abandon their courses, directly impacting their academic lives and future professional opportunities.

Serasa launched an unprecedented campaign to help more than 2 million students with outstanding tuition fees.

The credit bureau’s action involves making more than 62 million offers available for debt renegotiation.

Through the Serasa Limpa Nome platform, students can obtain discounts of up to 93% on their debts and pay them in up to nine installments. There are 57 partner institutions, including big names in Brazilian higher education.

How to take advantage of the opportunity?

To benefit from this initiative, students can explore the offers on the Serasa platform, either through the official website (, through the application (available for Android and iOS), through WhatsApp or in person at post offices via country.

Aline Maciel, manager of the Limpa Nome platform, highlights the importance of renegotiation as the first step to improving the student’s financial health.

According to research by Serasa in collaboration with the Opinion Box Institute, 49% of defaulting students had to abandon their courses due to debt.

Unemployment, prioritization of other accounts and reduced income are the main reasons for this situation.

Serasa’s campaign, therefore, appears as a valuable opportunity for indebted students to resume their studies and rebuild their financial lives.

The impact of debt on students

Debt not only affects students’ ability to continue their courses, but also directly impacts their concentration in the classroom.

According to psychologist Valéria Meirelles, default can cause constant worries, taking focus away from daily activities and negatively impacting the student’s academic and social life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to clear your name!

This Serasa initiative represents an incredible chance for students with debt to regain control of their financial and academic lives.

If you are in this situation, don’t miss the opportunity to renegotiate your debts with significant discounts and easier payment terms. Investing in your education is investing in your future!

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