Are you still afraid of making a wrong transfer via PIX? Discover the PIX insurance launched by banks

Although pix is ​​a practical transfer method, it is still easy to make mistakes and lose money. Fortunately, you can count on insurance to help you!

Have you heard about Pix insurance and how it can bring more peace of mind to your digital day-to-day life?

With technological advancement and the popularization of online financial transactions, concerns about security also arise.

And that’s where specialized insurance comes in to protect your Pix operations, an innovative solution that deserves your attention.

If you use pix monthly, it might be a good time to start thinking about insurance. Find out what it’s all about! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

More security for transfers via Pix

In principle, Pix insurance comes as an important ally in moments that no one would like to face, but which are realities in the connected world: fraud, theft, data theft and even threatening situations.

Imagine that, in the misfortune of having your cell phone stolen or your personal data compromised, you would not only be losing a device or information, but you could also be vulnerable to significant financial losses through unauthorized transactions.

Wide coverage

In short, what makes Pix insurance especially interesting is its scope. In addition to covering improper transactions via Pix, many institutions extend this protection to TEDs, DOCs and even transactions between accounts at the same bank.

And it doesn’t stop there: credit card transactions, which include loss, theft and coercion, can also be protected by this insurance, offering an extra layer of peace of mind.

Countless benefits

In addition to protection against unwanted transactions, some insurance policies offer additional benefits, such as regular draws among policyholders.

Not to mention compensation for purchased goods that were stolen, expanding the spectrum of protection beyond digital transactions.

How to activate pix insurance?

Furthermore, if you are faced with an adverse situation, activating Pix insurance is a simple process.

The first step is to contact the financial institution responsible for your insurance, which can be done via the app, website or telephone.

It is essential to file a police report and, if possible, gather evidence, such as screenshots of threats or fraud.

Protect your money

In an increasingly digital world, where each transaction can be made with a simple touch of the screen, ensuring the security of these movements is fundamental.

Pix insurance emerges as an effective response to these challenges, bringing peace of mind so that you can enjoy the facilities of the digital era without worries.

This way, protect yourself and continue enjoying the convenience and speed that Pix offers, but with the security you deserve.

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In today’s digital world, scams on Pix have become a worrying reality. Among the most common, the following stand out.

False receipt scam

Firstly, scammers send false transfer receipts via Pix, trying to convince the victim that a payment has been made.

These receipts are often visually convincing, but a detailed check of the account will reveal that there was no actual deposit.


Then, through emails, text messages or social networks, criminals send malicious links that, when accessed, lead to fake pages that imitate financial institutions. The objective is to steal banking and personal data to carry out fraudulent transactions.

Fake employee scam

Finally, in this scheme, the scammer pretends to be an employee of a bank or a well-known company, requesting personal and banking data, claiming the need to update or verify security, resulting in unauthorized access to the victims’ accounts.

Protect your transfers via pix

Being aware of these scams and adopting security practices, such as checking directly with the parties involved and not clicking on suspicious links, is essential to protecting your money in the digital environment.

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