Are app drivers required to turn on the air conditioning during the race? Understand!

Find out what determines whether air conditioning is mandatory in app rides and the consequences for drivers and passengers. Understand the regulations!

Passenger comfort on app rides has become a hot topic of discussion for some time now. The question at hand is: do app drivers have an obligation to turn on the air conditioning during races?

The answer to this question has been debated in recent times and gained even more attention with the statement by the state Secretary of Consumer Protection, Gutemberg Fonseca, who stated that drivers who refuse to turn on the air conditioning could face serious legal consequences.

In this article, we will delve deeper into this topic, contextualizing the situation and the implications for drivers and passengers.

App drivers can face penalties for refusing to turn on the air conditioning during races. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the controversy about air conditioning in app cars?

The controversy surrounding the use of air conditioning in app cars began when a resident of Rio de Janeiro reported that a driver charged an additional fee to provide the air conditioning service during her ride.

This incident raised questions about app drivers’ practices regarding passenger comfort, especially in a city where the heat can be unbearable for part of the year.

The determination of the Government of Rio de Janeiro

In response to this situation, the Government of Rio de Janeiro took measures to regulate the use of air conditioning in app cars.

Public management announced a determination in the Official Gazette that prohibits charging extra fees for the service and establishes clear rules on the provision of air conditioning during races. Furthermore, the determination prohibits vehicles without air conditioning from accepting passengers until new adaptations take place.

What has been the attitude of application companies?

A meeting held on January 10 between the Consumer Protection Secretariat and the companies that offer the service established a period of seven days for the platforms to inform which categories did or did not make air conditioning available.

In this context, Uber stated that it expects drivers to use air conditioning on all trips, regardless of the type of race, aiming to provide a comfortable temperature for both drivers and passengers.

The company also emphasized that it prohibits charging any additional amount from passengers on behalf of Uber.

On the other hand, 99 did not respond within the deadline stipulated by the government. The secretariat informed that the company was notified and that, if it continues to fail to comply with the guidelines established by the resolution, it could also be penalized.

Implications for app drivers and passengers

This regulation aims to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of passengers who use app-based transport services in Rio de Janeiro.

As consumers, passengers have the right to receive quality service, especially in unfavorable weather conditions.

Therefore, if you are on an app ride in Rio de Janeiro and the driver refuses to turn on the air conditioning, know that there is now a regulation that protects your rights and can hold the driver responsible for his refusal.

After all, are app drivers forced to turn on the air conditioning?

In short, the question of whether app drivers are required to turn on the air conditioning during races in Rio de Janeiro is in focus. And the answer is increasingly clear: yes, they are required to, according to government regulations.

Finally, this measure seeks to ensure a more pleasant environment for passengers, especially on hot days.

App companies are being notified to comply with these guidelines. In turn, consumers can expect a more comfortable service suited to the city’s climatic conditions. Therefore, be aware of your rights and enjoy a more pleasant and safe trip.

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