Apple for diversity and culture with the Black Unity 2024 collection

The new Unity wallpaper collection, released by Apple in commemoration of Black History Month, is an exquisite display of art and culture. Available for both iPhone and iPad, these backgrounds not only beautify the devices’ interface, but also pay sincere tribute to the rich history and vibrant African American culture. Accompanying this series, Apple introduces relevant watch faces for the Apple Watch, meticulously designed to complement the aesthetic and message of the Black Unity 2024 series. These additions come just in time for the release of watchOS 10.3, promised for next week , ensuring that all compatible Apple Watch models can be part of this cultural celebration.

Apple also presents us with the new straps and crowns of the Black Unity 2024.

Black Unity 2024 wallpapers

Download the iPhone backgrounds here

Users can expect seamless integration and an enriching visual experience, as each background and watch face has been carefully designed to reflect the essence of diversity and unity that Black Unity 2024 wants to capture. Apple’s initiative not only highlights its commitment to inclusion and cultural respect, but also offers users a unique and stylish way to personalize their devices, carrying with them a powerful message of unity and historical recognition every time they turn on their screens.

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