ANVISA prohibits commercialization and orders the removal of 3 major products from the markets: salt, water and coffee

What products do you consider essential in everyday life? Recently, ANVISA banned three of the most popular from being sold. Understand!

Recently, Anvisa, the agency responsible for inspecting products under health surveillance in Brazil, made a decision.

She surprised by suspending the circulation of three essential products on Brazilians’ tables: water, salt and coffee. Will we understand the reason?

ANVISA is prohibiting some important products from stopping on the market. Understand the reasons! / Photo: publicity

Anvisa’s role in Brazil

In principle, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) is a regulatory body of the Brazilian government, linked to the Ministry of Health.

Its main function is to protect and promote public health through sanitary control of the production and commercialization of products and services subject to health surveillance.

This includes medicines, foods, cosmetics, medical products, blood, vaccines and other health-related products.

In addition, Anvisa also regulates and inspects ports, airports and borders, and establishes norms and standards on limits on contaminants, food additives, medicines and health products.

Products that Anvisa recently banned

Check below the list of products that the agency banned.

Contaminated water

Firstly, Anvisa identified contamination by fecal coliforms, Escherichia coli and Enterococcus in water products from the Qualitá, Carrefour, Attiva and AG Raras brands.

This discovery led to a ban on the marketing and distribution of these water brands, a necessary measure to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

Low iodine salt

Subsequently, the Patusco brand, owned by the company Maranata Salineira do Brasil Ltda., was banned from distributing its salt and had its products recalled.

The decision was based on the unsatisfactory iodine content, which was below the limit established by Anvisa rules.

In short, iodine is a crucial element for health, and its deficiency can cause thyroid problems.

Coffee with suspected formaldehyde contamination

Finally, a specific batch of the Café da Terra brand, distributed by Café Terra do Rei Ltda., was suspended after suspected contamination with formaldehyde.

Despite the company stating that it conducted additional tests and found no problems, the Ministry of Agriculture ordered the product to be recalled.

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Why is Anvisa's inspection important?

These cases highlight the importance of Anvisa’s work in supervising food products.

The agency ensures that products consumed by Brazilians meet safety and quality standards, protecting public health.

Food safety first

The suspension of these products serves as a reminder to all of us about the importance of being aware of the quality and safety of the food we consume. Health surveillance plays a crucial role in maintaining safety standards and as consumers, we must be informed and aware of health updates and alerts.

I bought prohibited products, what should I do?

Now, if you purchase a product that has been banned by Anvisa or discover that it should not be sold, the first step is to stop using it immediately.

Then, it is important to notify Anvisa or local health surveillance bodies. You can do this through the Anvisa website (or by contacting customer service.

Furthermore, it is advisable to return the product to the place where it was purchased and request a refund or exchange. Keeping the invoice and any other proof of purchase is also essential for the process.

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