almost R$ 1 thousand available and warning for Brazilians

Are you entitled to the new Caixa payment? Check the receipt criteria, and see the bank’s other alerts for the population!

Caixa Econômica Federal, always attentive to the needs of its customers, announces significant news for the Brazilian public. If you are a bank customer, it is time to pay attention to the information detailed below.

This initiative represents a valuable opportunity to put extra money in your pocket, especially in challenging times. The value is close to R$1,000! Check below who can receive it.

New CAIXA payment: almost R$1,000 available and warning for Brazilians. Credit: plasticaxe

Caixa Econômica Federal is widely recognized as the most popular bank in Brazil. Its history, intertwined with the country’s socioeconomic development, positions Caixa as an essential financial institution for millions of Brazilians.

Known for its proximity to the popular sectors of society, Caixa plays a central role in the administration of social programs, housing financing and the management of funds such as FGTS and PIS/Pasep.

Caixa has new payment for Brazilians!

Caixa’s novelty involves the payment of a benefit that is directly linked to public security, crime prevention and control actions.

This program, established by law, is an action carried out by the Union in cooperation with States, the Federal District and Municipalities, aiming to strengthen public safety through education and professional qualification.

Who is the new Caixa payment for?

Specifically, Caixa plays a crucial role in paying the "Bolsa Formação". This project is aimed at the professional qualification of members of careers essential to public security, such as the military and civil police, fire brigade, penitentiary officers, prison guards and experts.

The objective is to offer robust training, ensuring that these professionals are well prepared for their vital functions.

What is the value of the benefit?

Important to highlight, Caixa informs that the value of the benefit is R$900.00. In other words: as we mentioned previously, it is almost R$1,000.

A big advantage is the ease of requesting payment, which can be done directly through the bank’s app, without the need to go to a physical branch.

Who is entitled to the Training Grant?

Amid the implementation of the Training Grant, Caixa issued an important warning to Brazilians: not everyone is entitled to the benefit!

In fact, to access this new Caixa payment, there are specific eligibility criteria, such as:

Receive gross monthly remuneration of up to R$ 15,000.00; Meet the specific eligibility criteria for each course offered by the Bolsa Formação Project; Not have been convicted of a serious administrative infraction or criminal conviction in the last five years; Belong to a corporation of a federated entity who has signed the adhesion agreement.

Unique opportunity for public safety

This new payment from Caixa represents a commendable initiative, aiming not only at financial support, but also at investing in the training of professionals crucial to the country’s security.

It is a unique opportunity for those on the front lines of public safety, providing them with resources to improve their skills and knowledge.

For Caixa, this program reaffirms its role as a bank that not only manages finances, but also actively contributes to social development and security in Brazil. Find out more on the official website

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