After winning the Mega da Virada prize, bettors can lose everything; understand the deadline

Did you know that if you don’t claim your prize on the correct date, you could lose what you won at Mega da Virada? Understand the rules of participation!

Mega da Virada is a time of great expectation for thousands of Brazilians. With a historic prize estimated at R$570 million, this year’s draw promises to transform lives on the night of December 31st. The chances of winning may be minimal, but the possibility of being the big winner exists.

In this article, we will explore how betting on Mega da Virada works and, crucially, what happens to the prize if the winner does not claim it. Understanding these rules is essential to ensure that, if you are the lucky one, you will know exactly how to proceed.

Mega da Virada has already happened, but it is important to withdraw the money before the date expires. Understand! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Certainly, one of the most crucial aspects for the lucky winners of Mega da Virada is understanding the maximum deadline for claiming the prize. According to the rules, winners have up to 90 days after the draw date to claim their fortune. This time limit is non-negotiable and, if not observed, has significant consequences.

If the prize is not redeemed within this period, it is no longer accessible to the winner. Instead, the total amount is automatically transferred to the Student Financing Fund (Fies), a government program that finances higher education for students at private institutions. Therefore, it is imperative that winners act quickly and follow the necessary procedures to ensure they do not lose their right to the life-changing prize.

Tips for safely withdrawing your prize

Check your ticket: check your ticket immediately after the draw;Financial and legal advice: before claiming your prize, consider seeking financial and legal advice to properly manage your new fortune;Discretion is key: avoid disclosing your win to protect your security and privacy ;Financial planning: plan how to invest or spend the prize intelligently.

Mega da Virada 2023: all winners claim record prize of R$5.888 million

The 2023 Mega da Virada was marked by the total redemption of the record prize of R$5.888 million, distributed among the winners. The draw, held in São Paulo, had dozens drawn and revealed a prize of R$ 1,177,782.0425 for each winner.

The lucky winners came from various locations, including Salvador (BA), Bom Despacho (MG), Redenção (PA), Ipira (SC), and a bet made online from Ferraz de Vasconcelos (SP). In addition to the main winners, many other bets hit the corner and square, winning significant prizes.

Mega da Virada is known for its non-accumulation feature, ensuring that the prize is distributed even if no one hits all six numbers. This annual event continues to be a landmark in Brazilian lotteries, attracting millions of players hoping for a big turnaround in their lives.

How to bet on Mega da Virada

To compete for the Mega da Virada prize, it is essential to register your bet by 5pm on December 31st. Unlike the regular Mega-Sena, in which bets can be placed up to one hour before the draw, Mega da Virada requires games to be placed three hours in advance.

You can choose from 6 to 20 numbers on the 60 tens wheel. A simple bet, with 6 numbers, costs R$5.00, and the value increases with the addition of numbers. One strategy to increase your chances without increasing the cost is to participate in a lottery.

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