Additional benefits in 2024 for retired people: see how to REQUEST today

Retirees in 2024: Exclusive additional benefits and how to request the beneficiary’s card for incredible benefits!

Retirees in 2024 will have the opportunity to enjoy additional benefits, including payment exemptions.

In the following lines, find out more about how to request these benefits and make the most of the available advantages.

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Beneficiary card: a great privilege for retirees

Every retired citizen over 60 years of age has the privilege of accessing the beneficiary’s portfolio, a benefit associated with the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

Issued by the Secretariat for Human Rights (SDH), this card offers a series of exclusive advantages for retirees.

These benefits include the right to preferential places, half price at events, priority service and even free tickets on interstate buses.

In short, these advantages aim to make life easier for retirees and provide a more comfortable experience in various everyday situations.

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How to request the beneficiary’s card?

Requesting the beneficiary’s card can be done conveniently, either online through the website, or in person at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS).

For those who prefer in-person assistance, it is important to attend CRAS with documents such as identity, CPF and Social Registration Number (NIS).

Those who are not yet registered with the Single Registry (CadÚnico) can do so when applying for the card.

Although in-person issuance can take up to 45 days, in urgent situations, it is possible to obtain a provisional declaration that allows immediate use of the benefits provided by the retiree’s card.

How does the retiree card work?

The retiree card operates in an uncomplicated manner. When purchasing it, the beneficiary presents it virtually on online platforms or in person when purchasing tickets, bus tickets and at various partner establishments.

Namely, one of the notable attractions is the granting of free interstate bus tickets to the elderly.

In situations where all places allocated to this modality are occupied, the retiree also receives a substantial discount of 50% on the ticket price, guaranteeing an economical and accessible alternative for transportation.

How to issue the document?

The process of requesting a retiree’s card can be carried out in two ways: online, through the website, or in person, at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS).

Online issuance:

Access the platform and click on the "start" option. Select the "issue card" option. Fill in the requested data and provide the necessary documents, such as ID, driver’s license or passport, proof of residence and birth or marriage certificate. After completing the process, the wallet will be ready to be printed.

Issuance by CRAS:

Go to CRAS with the necessary documents, including photo ID, CPF and NIS number. If you do not have the CadÚnico, take the opportunity to register and request the retiree’s card. The card issued by CRAS can take up to 45 days to be ready. However, in urgent cases, CRAS may provide a provisional declaration to the beneficiary.

What do I need to have a retiree’s card?

In summary, individuals over 60 years of age, who do not have proof of income and receive up to two minimum wages, are eligible to apply for the retired card.

Furthermore, it is essential that the interested party is registered with the Federal Government’s CadÚnico (Cadastro Único). This is because it is based on this identification that the government classifies registrations as eligible or not.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the elderly person’s card is valid for two years, as indicated directly in the document.

Therefore, it is advisable that, close to expiration, the elderly person requests a new card to avoid interrupting the benefits associated with it.

With the beneficiary’s card, retirees can enjoy a set of advantages that make life more accessible and comfortable, providing an advantageous and economical experience in various everyday situations.

Therefore, be sure to request yours and make the most of these additional benefits in 2024.

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