9 totally UNUSUAL professions; salaries will surprise you!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many weird professions there are out there? Some of it may be strange, but the salary is surprising!

Have you ever imagined making a living with professions that are outside the conventional? Be aware that the professional universe reserves spaces for those who wish to follow less obvious paths and still find satisfaction and good income.

A lot of people say and it’s true: someone has to do this type of service. This is why, although strange, the job can pay well! See below.

Have you ever thought about working in super different professions? Check out some to inspire you! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Most unusual professions in the world

Have you ever discovered a super different profession that you didn't even know existed? See some examples below of professions that might surprise you!

Personalized purchasing consultancy

Imagine getting paid to shop! The personal buyer not only purchases items for third parties but also offers consultancy to ensure the best choices, with an average remuneration that can reach R$2,750 per month.

Dog food tasting

That’s right, tasting dog food can be a profession! By evaluating the consistency and flavor of food intended for pets, these professionals in the USA can earn up to $40,000 annually.

Support for difficult times

The bereavement coordinator then helps families during times of terminal illness or bereavement by offering psychological support and planning assistance. In the US, the average salary for this role is $95,017 annually.

Coffin fitting room

The coffin fitter ensures that the coffins are comfortable for future occupants, with a monthly salary of around R$2,300.

Exercise for horses

Exercising horses before races is essential, and these professionals can earn up to R$52,000 annually for keeping the noble animals in shape.

Analysis of good dreams

Professional sleepers are hired to test mattresses and other sleep-related products, with average U.S. salaries of $45,542 annually.

Water slide review

Testing the safety and fun of water slides is a serious responsibility, and in the US, it can bring in an average of $34,000 annually.

Comfortable nights specialist

Bed testers ensure that mattresses provide restful nights of sleep, with an average salary of R$2,300 per month.

snake venom extractor

For the brave, the snake milking profession offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the production of antivenom, with an average pay of $19.21 per hour in the US.

Did these professions shock you?

These careers exemplify the wide range of possibilities that the job market holds, combining passions and skills in professions that, despite being peculiar, are rewarding and well paid. So, did you see yourself embarking on any of these professional adventures?

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Professions that may soon cease to exist

Furthermore, the world is big and there are many different professions, but not all of them can survive the evolution of technology. See some careers that will say goodbye to us soon!


With the rise of digital transactions, online payments and advanced ATMs, the need for bank tellers and tellers has been decreasing. Digital banks and self-checkouts in supermarkets are clear examples of this trend.

Telemarketing operator

Direct customer communication is being transformed by chatbots and artificial intelligence systems capable of performing customer service tasks more efficiently, reducing the demand for human telemarketers.

Travel agent

The ease of planning and booking trips online, through dedicated websites and applications, has reduced the need for traditional travel agents.

Digital tools offer price comparisons, reviews and instant booking, making travel planning more accessible.

Postal Professionals

The decline in the sending of traditional mail, replaced by electronic communications, impacts the demand for letter carriers and postal workers.

While e-commerce maintains the need for package delivery, automation and autonomous vehicles can transform this area.

toll operators

With the adoption of electronic toll collection systems, such as RFID tags and mobile applications for automatic payments, the traditional role of toll booth operators is becoming obsolete, favoring a more agile, queue-free system.

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