9 cheap franchises to make a lot of money in 2024; investments start at R$ 14 thousand

Explore the best cheap franchises of 2024, with investments starting at R$14,000. Innovative and profitable businesses for visionary entrepreneurs.

The world of franchising offers fascinating opportunities, especially for those looking for an affordable investment with high return potential.

In 2024, microfranchises emerge as a brilliant trend, promising profitable businesses with investments starting at just R$14,000.

In the lines below, plasticaxe.pro will explore nine cheap franchises that stand out in the market, perfect for those who dream of starting a business without having to spend large amounts of money.

Investing in franchises has never been so accessible: discover nine cheap options for 2024.

What is a standalone franchise?

Franchises that operate autonomously, such as self-service laundries, minimarkets and cell phone charging totems, represent a revolution in the sector.

With the ability to operate 24 hours a day, these businesses promise a steady stream of income.

The initial investment in these models varies, but many fall into the microfranchise category, requiring a smaller amount to start.

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What is a microfranchise?

Microfranchises, with investments of up to R$135 thousand, are considered an ideal gateway to the world of entrepreneurship.

By offering a tested business model and operational support, they reduce the risks inherent in creating a new business.

Furthermore, following the Franchising Law, these models guarantee the transfer of know-how and valuable experiences from the franchisor to the franchisee.

How to choose the right franchise?

When choosing a franchise, it is crucial to analyze both the entrepreneur’s profile and the history of the franchise network.

Franchises that operate 24 hours a day require detailed analysis to ensure they are compatible with the investor’s expectations and capabilities.

The analysis must include the franchise’s history of success and the support offered by the network, factors that are crucial to the success of the venture.

9 cheap franchises to make a lot of money in 2024

Cheap franchises in 2024 represent an excellent opportunity for those who want to enter the business world with a lower initial investment.

Below, we’ve gathered nine varied options, from autonomous laundries to smart minimarkets, that could make you a lot of money in 2024. Check them out:

1. 4Charge

Specializing in smartphone charging totems, 4Charge offers a practical and increasingly necessary solution in public and private spaces. With low initial investment, it represents an attractive opportunity in the technology market.

2. Cheap franchises 2024: Zé Express

A fast delivery franchise that uses technology and efficient logistics to offer courier services. With the growing demand for fast deliveries, Zé Express is positioned as a promising investment option.

3. Cheap franchises 2024: Santa Carga

Aimed at the cell phone charger segment, Santa Carga operates with a kiosk model in high-traffic locations. Its low initial cost makes it an affordable option for new entrepreneurs.

4. My Quitandinha

This franchise focuses on standalone mini markets, allowing customers to shop for essential items quickly and conveniently. With an innovative business model, it attracts investors interested in the retail sector.

5. Cheap Franchises 2024: Market4U

Market4U is a network of smart minimarkets, installed in residential and commercial condominiums. It offers a practical solution for daily purchases, with a business model that reduces operational costs.

6. Maria Gasolina

Specializing in compact gas stations, Maria Gasolina offers an alternative investment in the energy sector, focusing on locations with lower flow, but with consistent demand.

7. Cheap Franchises 2024: Espetto Carioca

This franchise offers a restaurant model specializing in kebabs, with a lower initial investment than traditional restaurants. It is a popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to enter the food business.

8. Urban Counter

Aimed at the fast food sector, Balcão Urbano offers an efficient kiosk model for selling snacks and drinks. With a simplified format, it allows for a lower initial investment.

9. Cheap Franchises 2024: Honest Market Brazil

A franchise of autonomous markets, which operate without employees, offering a variety of products in easily accessible locations. Its innovative and self-sustainable model attracts investors interested in a modern retail concept.

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