8 steps to get up to R$5,000 through Nubank: guaranteed extra money!

With a tutorial that couldn’t be more practical, you can guarantee up to R$5,000 at Nubank! See how to increase your income with Roxinho.

In the current scenario, where agility and practicality have become fundamental in personal finances, Nubank stands out as one of the main financial institutions in Brazil.

Committed to offering the best services to its customers, Roxinho comes with an exciting new feature: the possibility of getting up to R$5,000 quickly and easily! How to do this? Just check out the article below!

How to get R$5,000 quickly on Nubank? Credit: plasticaxe.

Who can open an account at Nubank?

To open a current account with Nubank, the process is simple: just download the digital bank app and meet the requirement of being over 18 years old.

Financial inclusion and ease of access are two of Nubank’s main pillars, making the bank a viable option for a wide range of customers.

For minors, opening an account is possible as long as the registration and opening request are made by their guardians. Accessibility makes Nubank an ideal choice for those looking for modern and efficient financial services.

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Now, we come to the most important question: how can Nubank customers secure R$5,000 quickly on the app?

The answer couldn’t be simpler: just request the amount through the app’s loans, great credit options for everyone.

Nubank loans are designed to offer flexibility and control to the user. During the simulation, you can choose the first payment day, which can be up to 90 days after hiring.

This feature makes the Nubank loan an interesting solution for those who need immediate financial relief, with the advantage of planning payment according to their needs.

How to guarantee R$5,000 on Nubank? Step by step

As you already know that the Nubank loan offers up to R$5,000 for applicants, see below the step-by-step guide to request yours:

Access the app: On your cell phone, open the Nubank app.Choose the loan option: Click on "Borrow" on the app's home screen.Calculate your loan: After reading the instructions, tap "Calculate loan".Set the details: Choose a reason for the loan, enter the desired amount, the number of installments and the payment date of the first installment.Confirm the conditions: Click on the arrow in the bottom left corner and review your loan information.Continue with the contract : Tap "Continue" after reviewing the details.Read and accept the contract: After reading the contract, confirm the engagement by tapping "Confirm Contract".Finish securely: Enter your 4-digit password to complete. The requested amount will be transferred directly to your Nubank account.

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Fast and affordable extra income at Nubank

Nubank’s initiative to offer loans of up to R$5,000 in a quick and simplified way represents its commitment to providing accessible and innovative financial solutions.

If you are looking for a practical way to get a loan, Nubank offers a solution worth considering.

Finally, it is important to remember that, before applying for any loan, it is worth carrying out a more in-depth study of your financial life. See the main guidelines in the video below:

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