8 online steps to guarantee the benefit

Getting an IPVA exemption for motorcycles can be more practical than you think! Check out the updated tutorial so you don’t have to pay tax.

We have news that will make Honda and Yamaha motorcycle owners speed up with joy: IPVA exemption is within reach! If you own one of these motorcycles, get ready for a game changer.

In an unexpected move, the government now offers the possibility of exempting your vehicle from this traditional tax. This isn’t just good news; It’s a great opportunity to save money in your pocket.

So, if you are ready to leave worries about IPVA behind, come and discover how to guarantee this benefit in just 8 simple steps and completely online. Put on your helmet, adjust your mirrors and get ready for an informative journey towards IPVA exemption!

IPVA exemption for Honda and Yamaha motorcycles: 8 online steps to guarantee the benefit. Credit: Pronatec.

How is IPVA defined?

Did you know that IPVA, the Tax on Motor Vehicle Ownership, is not defined by the Union, but by the states? This means that each state has the autonomy to establish its own rules and criteria for charging this tax.

Recently, news has caught the attention of motorcycle owners, especially those who own Honda and Yamaha models: the possibility of exemption from IPVA.

News about IPVA exemption for motorcycles

Recently, it was announced that the IPVA exemption for motorcycles and mopeds up to 170cc, approved in 2022, is now available to owners.

However, the implementation of this exemption depends on the decision of each state DETRAN. Therefore, to find out if you can take advantage of the benefit, it is worth contacting the transit authority in your region.

Who is entitled to IPVA exemption for motorcycles?

If your state’s DETRAN decides to exempt, Honda models such as CG 160, Pop 110i, Biz 110 and 125, Elite 125, PCX, ADV and NXR160 Bros, as well as Yamaha models such as Neo 125, NMax, Fluo, Fazer 150 , Factor 125 and 150, Crosser 150 and even the sporty R15 may benefit.

How to Request IPVA Exemption for Motorcycles

Now that you know the rules for IPVA exemption for motorcycles, follow the steps below to get the tax reduction in practice:

Identify the vehicle category: Check if your motorcycle falls into the category benefiting from the exemption. Access the SEFAZ or DETRAN website in your state: Each state may have specific rules, so it is important to access the official website. Consult the rules and specific instructions: Check the detailed guidelines for your exemption category.Identify required documents: Include all documents requested in your exemption application.Complete electronic forms: If available, complete the forms required for the online application.Physical application: If it is not possible to request online, go to the responsible body to make the request in person.Process monitoring: After the request, regularly monitor your request.Recourse in case of denial: If the request is denied, check the possibility to file an appeal and follow the instructions for the procedure.

It is important to note that the steps may vary from state to state, given the state nature of IPVA collection. Stay informed and take advantage of this opportunity to save on your vehicle. Good luck on your journey to secure this benefit!

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