7 steps to get yours, check it out!

We show you the complete step-by-step guide to issuing a passport for free in 2024! The method really works and does not require any expense from Brazilians.

Traveling abroad is a dream for many, but the associated costs, including the passport, can be an obstacle. However, did you know that it is possible to get a passport for free? Yes, you read that right!

In the guide we will show below, you can check the step-by-step guide to requesting your passport for free, without having to spend any money!

FREE passport: 7 steps to get yours, check it out! Credit: Reproduction

The importance of the passport

First of all, it is crucial to understand the importance of a passport. It is more than a travel document; it is a symbol of your national identity and a passport to the world.

A passport allows you to cross international borders and is a globally recognized document, essential for your security and identification abroad.

With that in mind, see below the 7 steps to secure your free passport in 2024.

Check if you are entitled to a free passport

The first step is to check if you qualify for a passport fee waiver. Beforehand, we can say that, according to Bill 861/19, only low-income students who are going to study or do research abroad are entitled to a free passport.

For other Brazilians, the cost of issuing the document varies between R$257.25 and R$514.50, increasing in cases of emergency, theft or loss.

Collect the necessary documents

Regardless of exemptions, the process begins with collecting the necessary documents, including identification, birth certificate and proof of residence.

Complete the request form

Complete the passport application form, which is usually available online on the official website of your state’s passport issuing authority.

place the order

After filling out the form, submit it along with all necessary documents. In some cases, this can be done online.

Schedule service (if necessary)

Some passport application processes may require an interview. If applicable, schedule it according to the instructions provided.

Follow the application process

After submitting your request, it is important to monitor the progress of the process. This can be done online, through the website where the request was registered.

Get your passport for free

Finally, after your application has been approved, you will be informed about how and where to collect your passport. Please be sure to follow all pickup guidelines.

Don’t miss your chance to obtain the document

Getting a passport for free may be a reality for some, depending on your situation and your country’s policies. The steps above offer a general guide on how to navigate the passport application process.

Remember, your passport is your gateway to the world, so don’t let fees stand in the way of your international adventures. Do your research, prepare your documents and start your journey to getting your passport for free!

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