7 specific benefits for seniors: gratuities, exemptions and more!

Better age is the "age of benefits" for Brazilians! We show you 7 exclusive benefits for seniors that few people know about!

In Brazil, people over 60 enjoy a series of rights and benefits guaranteed by law. These privileges are designed to provide support and comfort to seniors, recognizing the valuable contribution they have made to society over the years.

With legislation focused on guaranteeing free services, exemptions and priorities, elderly people have access to a variety of benefits to improve their quality of life and alleviate financial difficulties. In the article below, you can check 7 examples.

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How many elderly people are there in Brazil?

Brazil, like many other countries, is experiencing a significant increase in the number of elderly people. According to the latest estimates, the country has an elderly population that exceeds 30 million.

This number represents around 14% of Brazil’s total population, a proportion that has grown steadily over the years. The demographic growth of the elderly reflects not only the increase in life expectancy, but also changes in birth rates.

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Benefits for seniors: Exemption from IPTU

In many Brazilian municipalities, seniors over 60 or 65 can request exemption from IPTU. This measure aims to ease the fiscal burden on those who often live on limited incomes.

To benefit from this exemption, elderly people must meet certain requirements, such as owning only one property used exclusively for residential purposes and having a monthly income that does not exceed two minimum wages.

Alimony for children

Brazilian legislation recognizes the right of elderly people to request alimony for their children. The benefit is crucial for elderly people who do not have their own means of support.

The pension request can be made in court, and children are obliged to provide the necessary financial support to guarantee a dignified life for their parents in old age.

Priority care in hospitals

The statute for the elderly ensures priority care in hospitals. The priority includes not only waiting for appointments, but also screening and surgical procedures.

This right is crucial to ensuring that elderly people receive the necessary medical care quickly and efficiently.

Benefits for seniors: Free medicine

Farmácia Popular is a government program that provides free or discounted medicines to seniors. The program covers medications for chronic illnesses and items such as adult diapers.

Elderly people need to present a medical prescription to access medicines, thus guaranteeing the treatment of their health conditions at no cost or at a reduced price.

Free (or discounted) travel

Brazilian seniors have the right to travel free or with a discount on different modes of transport, from buses to planes.

This includes municipal and interstate public transport, with the guarantee of reserved seats and discounts on air tickets, through initiatives such as the Voa Brasil program.

Half price for cultural events

Seniors also have the right to pay half price for cultural events, including cinema, theaters, museums and shows.

This measure aims to encourage elderly people to actively participate in cultural activities, thus promoting their well-being and social inclusion.

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Benefits for the elderly: BPC

Finally, the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) is INSS assistance aimed at low-income elderly people.

For those who don’t know, this benefit guarantees a monthly minimum wage to seniors over 65 years of age who live in vulnerable situations, with a per capita family income of less than 1/4 of the minimum wage.

The benefits provided to the elderly in Brazil are a clear demonstration of the recognition and respect that society owes them. From tax exemptions and medical assistance to cultural and financial support, these measures ensure that seniors can live their best years in health and safety.

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