6 steps to make your money go further at CAIXA and BB: check it out now!

If you want to make money at Caixa and BB, obtaining good profits, it’s worth following the tips we’ll show you below!

Managing personal finances is a challenging task, especially when it comes to making your money go further. However, with smart strategies and a little knowledge, it is possible to increase the returns on your investments, especially in traditional financial institutions such as Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA) and Banco do Brasil (BB).

In this article, we will explore six simple and practical steps to make your money go further than in traditional savings. Get ready to transform the way you invest!

6 steps to make your money go further at CAIXA and BB: check it out now! Credit: Reproduction

How does money make money inside banks?

Before we show you the steps you must follow to make your money pay off, it is important to understand how money pays off in banking institutions.

Generally, income occurs through interest on financial investments. This interest is calculated based on the amount invested and the investment period. Banks such as CAIXA and BB offer several investment options, each with its own terms of return, risk and term.

Now that you know this, check out the complete tutorial below to make your money go further in banks!

Open a bank account

Start by opening an account at a bank that offers good investment options. Traditional banks, such as Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal, tend to have simplified registration processes and offer interesting investment proposals.

Remember, you are free to choose the bank that best suits your financial needs and your current employment situation.

Access investments to make your money pay off

After opening your account, access the investment section of the bank’s application or website. Only consult on official platforms!

Here, you will find the different application options available, with detailed information about each of them.

Deposit the desired amount

Choose how much you want to invest and make the deposit in the app. You can also opt for in-person deposit, made directly at bank branches.

Banks generally provide security for online transactions, ensuring your money is safe.

Choose an investment to make your money pay off

Now, select the type of investment you want to make. This may include Tesouro Direto, CDBs, LCIs, LCAs, ETFs, real estate funds, shares, among others.

Each type of investment has its own risk, return and term characteristics! Experts do not recommend committing more than 30% of the monthly budget to contributions.

Read the application summary

Before confirming the investment, carefully read the application summary, paying close attention to the fees involved in the process.

It will contain all relevant information, such as the minimum and maximum investment, term and expected income.

Track your money yield

After understanding all the conditions, invest and monitor the return on your money. It is important to be aware of market variations and the deadlines for each application.

Investing wisely is the key to making your money go further. With the steps above, you can start exploring the world of investments and watch your money grow. Remember, information is your greatest ally in this process.

Therefore, continue to inform yourself, choose the best investment options for your profile and financial objectives and make your money work for you at CAIXA, BB or any other bank of your choice.

In the video below, you can also check out the best investment methods for 2024, according to experts on the subject:

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