6 steps to carry out immediate PIX: did you know this function?

Do you already know the immediate pix? See what's different about this function and learn how to use it easily when you need it!

Have you ever imagined carrying out transactions via Pix directly through WhatsApp, with all the ease and agility that this tool offers? Technology has just made this possible!

The new feature promises to revolutionize the way we interact with financial transactions, bringing more practicality and security to the daily lives of account holders. Come check out how to do it!

Do you already know how to use immediate pix? See how the function works and learn how to use it in everyday life! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Initially, Bradesco, which is always at the forefront when it comes to technological innovation, launched a function that allows its customers to carry out Pix transactions directly through WhatsApp.

That’s right, you did not misread! Now, with just a few taps, you can transfer money instantly, without leaving your conversation.

And best of all, Bia, Bradesco’s virtual assistant, ensures that everything is done with maximum security and you also receive the receipt automatically.

Are you interested? Then see how easy it is to activate this functionality:

First, access the menu and select the "Payment" option; Then, create your Facebook Pay PIN and choose a secure password, which will be your key to carry out transactions; Provide your personal data to ensure the security of the process; Now, add your debit card and enter the information of your card linked to the Bradesco account;Perform the card verification through the Bradesco app or through the call center;Ready! Now you are able to send and receive money via WhatsApp quickly and securely.

Advantages of the tool for WhatsApp

Practicality: make payments and transfers without interrupting your conversations; Security: the process is encrypted and protected, guaranteeing the security of your transactions; Immediacy: the money reaches the recipient’s account instantly, making life easier for those who need agility.

Furthermore, Bradesco reaffirms its leadership position in the Brazilian banking sector, bringing solutions that combine technology and convenience.

This new feature represents an important milestone in the way we deal with money on a daily basis, making Pix even more accessible and integrated into our daily activities. Try it and feel the difference!

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Recently, a sophisticated scam that promises high financial returns through investments made via Pix has claimed several victims in Betim, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.

Criminals, acting cunningly, invade profiles on social networks and, posing as the real owners, contact the followers of these accounts.

They present an investment opportunity in cryptocurrencies and sports betting, promising returns in excess of 200%.

One of the people deceived by this plot was professor Andrea Avelar, 55 years old, who lost R$1,000 when she trusted the quick profit proposal.

After making the deposit, she was coerced into recording a video confirming the investment, a video that was used by the scammers to perpetuate the fraudulent scheme.

Desperate after realizing the scam, Andrea went to the bank to try to get the money back and plans to file a police report.

Be careful not to fall for similar scams

This incident serves as a warning about the importance of remaining vigilant and questioning investments that seem too good to be true, especially when proposed through unofficial channels or unexpected contacts on social media.

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