4 places where you might have FORGOTTEN money and not know it; see how to consult and redeem

Needing money? You may have forgotten values ​​and still have no idea about them. See how to get them and enjoy!

Imagine discovering that you are entitled to a forgotten amount in some financial institution or in employment benefits. Surprising, isn’t it? In Brazil, there are several sources of money that are often forgotten by citizens. Fortunately, it is possible to have access to the amounts, which can be a good supplement to your income, after all.

Let’s explore four such sources where you may have money to redeem and you may not even know it. Get ready to learn about these possibilities and discover how this extra money can make a difference in your budget!

Forgotten money is a value that many people overlook. See how much you have to receive and don’t miss your chance! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Discover now: 4 sources of forgotten money that could be within your reach!

If you are unsure where these amounts may be coming from, it is good to understand how the forgotten money scheme works. This can help you remember some value you ended up missing! Check out.

1. Amounts Receivable from the Central Bank

Did you know that more than R$75 million are awaiting redemption in inactive accounts at various banking and financial institutions? Thanks to the Central Bank's "Amounts to be Receivable" platform, you can easily check if you have any forgotten amounts and how to redeem them.

2. Financial repairs for the Collor and Sarney plans

If you were affected by the economic plans of the Collor and Sarney governments, you may be entitled to compensation. Around 470,000 people can still recover financial losses caused by these plans. Repairs range from R$3,000 to R$100,000, making it a valuable opportunity for many.

3. Salary bonus and invoices

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus is a source of extra income for many workers. In the base year 2021, more than 24 million people were entitled to the benefit, totaling around R$5.358 million. Furthermore, credits from invoices registered with the CPF can also yield extra money, such as the Nota Fiscal Paulista program in São Paulo.

4. Income Tax Refund

People often forget to check whether they are entitled to an income tax refund. If you have already sent your declaration, there may be an amount to be redeemed. Consultation and redemption of this resource can be done through the Federal Revenue page.

How to retrieve your forgotten money

Now, to withdraw the forgotten money, you need to follow some specific steps according to each of the four sources mentioned. Here are the details:

1. Amounts Receivable from the Central Bank

Access to the platform: visit the "Valores Receivable" platform (from the Central Bank; Consultation: enter your personal data to check if there is any amount to be redeemed in your name; Redemption procedure: if you have amounts to receive, follow the instructions provided by the Central Bank to carry out the redemption, which may include visiting a bank branch or carrying out online procedures.

2. Financial repairs for the Collor and Sarney plans

Eligibility check: first, check whether you are eligible to receive financial compensation, taking into account the period in which the economic plans were implemented; Necessary documentation: gather the necessary documentation that proves your eligibility, such as bank statements from the time; claim: contact the responsible institution or follow the instructions of the Brazilian Front for Savers (Febrapo) on the website to start the claim process.

3. PIS/Pasep salary bonus

Eligibility consultation: access the Caixa Econômica Federal application or the Ministry of Labor website (to check if you are entitled to the salary bonus;Withdrawal procedure: if you are eligible, the withdrawal can be made at a Caixa branch, at ATMs electronics or lottery outlets, using the Citizen Card.

4. Income Tax Refund

Refund consultation: access the Federal Revenue website (go to the "My Income Tax" section and click on "Consult the Refund";Banking information: make sure your banking information is updated to receive the refund;Follow-up: follow the processing of your declaration and, if there is a refund, wait for it to be deposited into the indicated account.

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