15% discount on IPVA ends in less than 20 days; HURRY UP!

Save now: 15% discount on IPVA until January 31st! Discover the latest news and facilities for regularizing your tax in 2024.

The first few months of a new year bring with them several responsibilities, and for motor vehicle owners, one of them is ensuring they are in compliance with the payment of Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax, known as IPVA.

The government offers a considerable incentive for anyone who wants to stay up to date with their tax obligations – a substantial discount of 15% on the total value of IPVA, but there is a catch: this special reduction will only be available until January 31st.

So it’s time to act quickly and take advantage of this savings opportunity. See below.

Attention drivers: 15% discount on IPVA ends soon! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

The countdown to saving

The 15% discount on IPVA is an initiative by the State Government of Mato Grosso do Sul to encourage early payment of this tax. This reduction is a valuable opportunity for vehicle owners who want to save a significant amount of money, but the time to take advantage of this benefit is quickly running out. With less than 20 days left until the end of the discount period, the countdown has begun, and it is essential that drivers in Mato Grosso do Sul are aware of this unique savings opportunity.

How it works

To qualify for the 15% discount, taxpayers must pay the IPVA in cash. This means that those who choose to pay the tax in installments will not have access to this special reduction. Therefore, if you have the financial resources available, now is the time to take advantage of this advantage and save significantly on the total tax amount.

IPVA 2024 due dates

Expiration dates are a fundamental aspect to remember to avoid losing the discount. In addition to January 31st, which marks the end of this special period, there are other important dates to consider for those who wish to pay in installments or opt for a single payment. These dates include February 29th, March 27th, April 30th, and May 29th. Therefore, it is essential to mark these dates on the calendar and ensure that payment is made before the deadline.

Ease of access

To make the process more accessible to taxpayers, the state Finance Department (Sefaz) makes the IPVA payment slip available online. Simply access the official Sefaz website at www.autoatendimento.ms.gov.br/ipva and follow the instructions to generate the invoice. This online facility simplifies the process and allows drivers to make payments conveniently, without the need to physically travel.

What’s new in IPVA for 2024

The 2024 IPVA brings some new features that could positively impact taxpayers. The tax exemption for vehicles powered by natural gas (NGV) is one of them, which represents considerable savings for vehicle owners and a favorable measure for the environment.

Furthermore, another new feature is the option to pay the first installment or the single installment through the Pix system, a modern and agile financial solution. This alternative makes the IPVA settlement process even easier, making it more practical and convenient.

Benefits for fleet owners

Fleet owners, companies that use fleets of vehicles in their operations, can also continue to enjoy the benefits of the reduced IPVA in 2024. This reduction in the tax calculation base is a measure that aims to support these companies, providing financial relief in an important aspect of its operations.

In summary, the 15% discount on IPVA in Mato Grosso do Sul is an unmissable opportunity to save in early 2024. With less than 20 days left until the deadline on January 31st, it is crucial to act quickly to take advantage of this advantage. Make sure to mark the due dates on the calendar and access the Sefaz website to generate your payment slip.

Additionally, be aware of the news and benefits offered this year, including the exemption for CNG-powered vehicles, payment options via Pix and benefits for fleet owners. Don’t miss the opportunity to save and be in compliance with your tax obligations. Hurry and grab the discount while it’s still available!

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