14th salary confirmed? Check the list of CPFs that will receive the extraordinary payment

Who can receive the 14th salary? Has payment already been confirmed by the Government? Check out the most important updates on the topic.

Amid a scenario of economic uncertainty, two pieces of news come as a breath of hope for thousands of Brazilians in 2024. These are significant achievements that promise to alleviate the weight of financial difficulties.

The first is the confirmation of the long-awaited 14th salary, a reality now for a selected list of CPFs. The second is the release of an amount of R$1412 for seniors over 65 years of age.

In this article, we will uncover the details of these achievements, explaining who is entitled to them and how they can impact the lives of the beneficiaries.

14th salary confirmed? Check the list of CPFs that will receive the extraordinary payment. Credit: plasticaxe.

The impact of the 14th salary on the Brazilian economy

The introduction of the 14th salary in Brazil represents an important milestone. With the power to inject extra money into the economy, this measure has the potential to stimulate consumption, increase capital circulation and, ultimately, strengthen the country’s economy.

This extraordinary payment can be a significant relief for many, especially in times of financial hardship, helping to cover essential expenses or even enabling a small luxury or investment.

14th salary confirmed: Who will receive it?

According to information on the web, starting in May 2024, a "14th installment" will be paid to a selected list of CPFs.

But be careful, this "14th salary" does not come from employers or the INSS, but from the Federal Revenue. This benefit is accessible to workers with some specific characteristics:

Salary equal to or greater than R$ 2,112; Who complete a full Income Tax declaration; Invest in private pensions.

These criteria guarantee eligibility for the "14th salary", since investment in private pensions allows tax deductions of up to 12% of taxable income.

This mechanism results in lower tax payments to the IRS and, as a consequence, the possibility of receiving this extra payment.

How do 14th salary payments work?

Extra "14th salary" payments can vary considerably, depending on several factors, including annual income, number of dependents, education expenses, among others. The values ​​can be:

R$1,000;R$3,000;R$8,000;Up to R$17,000.

Only those who registered in 2023 are entitled to receive this 14th "installment" from the Federal Revenue.

New for the elderly!

In another important milestone, BPC-LOAS guarantees the payment of R$1412 to seniors over 65 years of age, as long as they prove their inability to provide for themselves and their family.

The income per person in the family group must be equal to or less than 1/4 of the minimum wage to be entitled to this benefit.

How to request BPC/LOAS?

The process for applying for the BPC-LOAS is relatively simple and can be done online in six steps, avoiding the need to attend INSS units in person, except when requested to prove information. Required documents include:

Power of attorney or legal representation term, if any; Identification document with photo and CPF of the attorney or representative; Specific documents for particular cases.

The steps to apply for the benefit are:

Access My INSS (www.meu.inss.gov.br);Log in and choose "New request";Select Elderly Assistance Benefit;Choose the BPC field;Update all data;Follow the progress through My INSS.

It is essential to keep your personal registration always up to date, providing an email address and cell phone number to receive notifications from the INSS. Good luck!

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