13th salary has PIX confirmed and is it already falling? Brazilians are PARTYING

Celebrate with us the good news of 2024: PIX from the 13th salary has already been added to the account and the new minimum wage value is in effect. Know more!

Nothing better than money in your pocket, right? Knowing this, we have good news: the PIX of the 13th salary is already falling into Brazilians’ accounts, and the country is celebrating!

In a year that began full of challenges, two pieces of news come as true gifts for citizens. In addition to the 13th salary, the new minimum wage value also brings good prospects.

Next, we’ll dive into the latest information on these two subjects, understand the INSS payment dates for January and explore the 13th salary calendar for 2024. Follow along!

PIX from the 13th salary has already been added to the account. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

PIX of the 13th Salary

As mentioned previously, the PIX from the 13th salary is already being credited to the accounts of thousands of Brazilians: those assisted by INSS social security benefits.

This advance payment offers the opportunity to use these resources strategically, whether to pay off debts, invest or simply carry out those plans that were on your wish list.

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New value of the minimum wage

In addition to the PIX of the 13th salary, another aspect that deserves to be highlighted is the new value of the minimum wage, which comes into force this month.

In fact, the payment schedule for INSS benefits for January has already been announced, with deposits starting on the 25th.

In total, the payments will benefit approximately 39 million benefits, of which 5,657,745 are welfare and 33,379,120 are social security.

The value of benefits will be readjusted in January, which represents a significant improvement for those who depend on this value to support their families.

INSS payment dates for January

In this context, it is important to pay attention to the INSS payment dates, as they vary according to the value of the benefit.

As mentioned previously, payments to those earning up to a minimum wage occur on specific dates, providing financial organization to beneficiaries.

It is a way to ensure that everyone has access to resources in a fair and efficient way.

When will the thirteenth of INSS 2024 retirees come out?

Looking to the future, the 13th INSS salary already has its calendar set for 2024, following the tradition of payment in two installments, which will be released in the months of May and June.

This is hopeful news for retirees and pensioners, as the Christmas bonus is a very welcome financial supplement.

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that this benefit is intended for all INSS retirees and pensioners, with the exception of elderly people who receive the BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit).

Celebrate the financial achievements of 2024

In short, the PIX of the 13th salary and the adjustment in the value of the minimum wage are reasons for Brazilians to celebrate.

With PIX, the money from the 13th is arriving sooner, allowing spending and investment planning.

Furthermore, the new minimum wage value brings improvements in income for many INSS beneficiaries. The INSS payment dates for January have already been defined, ensuring a fair distribution of resources.

And looking to the future, the 13th salary calendar for 2024 is promising. This is, without a doubt, a reason to celebrate the financial achievements that are benefiting the lives of many Brazilians this year.

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