13 promising professions for 2030 highlighted

Are you thinking about starting your career in professions that could stand out in the future? Check out some tips and choose the one that interests you most!

Have you ever stopped to think about what the job market will be like in 2030? With technological advancement and social changes, some professions that don’t even exist today are expected to gain prominence in the coming years.

In this article, we’ll explore 13 of these future careers. Imagine yourself in a world where your current skills can be applied in ways never seen before!

Looking for professions that will be most sought after in the future? See some that might be what you want! / Photo: publicity.

Discover 13 surprising professions for 2030

See the ones that stand out the most below!

Data Investigator

The Data Investigator will be the professional who unravels mysteries in large volumes of information. He will be responsible for exploring the stories and secrets hidden in the data. This career will require skills in finance, mathematics and data science, with a touch of legal competence.

Information Technology Facilitator

This profession involves creating self-service platforms for digital collaborative environments. The IT Facilitator will be an expert in digital trends, with a strong background in IT, computer science, engineering or administration.

Sourcing Ethics Officer

The Sourcing Ethics Officer will supervise and negotiate agreements for goods and services. Your role will be to ensure that the company’s spending is aligned with the ethical standards of stakeholders, requiring experience in corporate ethics and interpersonal skills.

AI Business Development Manager

Specialized in Artificial Intelligence, this professional will drive sales and business related to AI. Experience in sales, business development, and AI, machine learning, and cloud computing platforms will be required.

Mestre de Edge Computing

The Edge Computing Master will be responsible for managing and securing computing environments at the edge of the cloud computing network. It will require a doctorate in the area, experience in security and Internet of Things (IoT) protocols.


This will be an autonomous career focused on the well-being of the elderly. The Walkertalker will spend time with elderly clients, listening and talking, offering attention and companionship. Mobility and the ability to connect emotionally will be essential.

Health Commitment Advisor

Working remotely, this professional will offer one-on-one coaching and wellness advice to smart bracelet users. You will need experience in nutrition or physical education, as well as skills to deal with culturally diverse environments.

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Healthcare Technician

This professional will work in the healthcare sector, supporting diagnoses and treatments with the help of AI. Requires training in nursing or a related field, interpersonal skills and the ability to work under pressure.

Cybercity Analyst

The Cybercity Analyst will ensure the security and functionality of smart cities by managing environmental and population data flows. You will need qualifications in digital engineering and knowledge of electronic circuits and 3D printing.

Genomic Portfolio Director

Responsible for biotechnology product strategies, the Genomic Portfolio Director will need training in genomics, a decade’s experience and leadership and negotiation skills.

Human-Machine Team Manager

This professional will manage interaction systems to improve communication between humans and machines. Training in psychology or neuroscience will be essential, in addition to skills to facilitate collaboration in hybrid teams.

Virtual Travel Consultant

In the era of digital experiences, the Virtual Travel Consultant will emerge as an expert in creating and personalizing travel itineraries in virtual realities. This career will require creativity, knowledge of virtual reality technology, and a passion for global cultures and destinations. The professional must guide clients to explore the world virtually, providing unique and memorable experiences.

Digital Wellbeing Specialist

With the growing concern about mental health in the digital age, the figure of the Digital Wellbeing Specialist emerges. This professional will be dedicated to helping individuals manage the impact of technology on their lives. The focus will be on promoting healthy practices for using digital devices, digital mindfulness and technological detoxification techniques. A background in psychology or therapy will be essential, as well as a deep understanding of human interactions with technology.

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