1 minimum wage AVAILABLE for seniors; know more!

INSS benefits for retirees go far beyond classic retirement! See how seniors can receive 1 minimum wage per month.

Encouraging news for the elderly population in Brazil: elderly people are now entitled to 1 minimum wage per month through an innovative initiative by the Federal Government. Therefore, if you meet the receipt criteria, it is worth placing the order as soon as possible!

Therefore, the following question becomes instrumental: after all, which elderly people can receive the benefit of 1 minimum wage per month? And, even more important: what are payments about? Check out our guide to find out the answer!

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How many elderly people are there in Brazil?

According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the elderly population in Brazil has grown significantly in recent years.

In 2020, Brazil had around 38 million people aged 60 or over, which represented approximately 18% of the country’s total population.

This number is constantly increasing due to the aging population and declining birth rates.

The expectation is that this proportion will continue to grow in the coming decades, reflecting demographic changes and improvements in health and longevity.

Minimum wage for seniors IN THIS program

The Continuous Payment Benefit of the Organic Social Assistance Law (BPC/LOAS) is a Brazilian government assistance program, which aims to ensure the livelihood of elderly people and people with disabilities who do not have the means to support themselves or be supported by their families. .

This benefit, guaranteed by the Organic Social Assistance Law (LOAS) and managed by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), represents an important safety net for these groups.

Are elderly people entitled to BPC?

Yes, seniors over 65 can receive BPC worth one minimum wage. The benefit is intended for elderly people who prove that they do not have the means to provide for their own subsistence or have it provided for by their families.

The value of the BPC is equivalent to the minimum wage in force in Brazil, which is adjusted annually by the government. Thus, elderly people who meet the LOAS and INSS criteria can receive the BPC to help with basic expenses and guarantee a minimum subsistence.

Minimum wage is not just for the elderly

BPC is not just limited to the elderly. It is also aimed at people with disabilities (PWD) who meet the criteria established by Brazilian legislation.

This target audience includes people with disabilities who prove that they do not have the means to provide for themselves or have it provided for by their families.

Grant criteria include a per capita family income of less than 1/4 of the current minimum wage and not being a beneficiary of another social security scheme or receiving another benefit, with specific exceptions.

How can seniors request the BPC minimum wage?

To apply for the BPC, whether for the elderly or people with disabilities, it is necessary to follow some steps and meet certain requirements.

The process includes verifying requirements, such as age and per capita family income, in addition to the necessary documentation, such as identification document, CPF, proof of family income and residence.

After scheduling at the INSS, a consultation is carried out in which all necessary documentation must be presented, followed by a medical and social assessment to determine eligibility for the benefit.

BPC can make a difference in your life

The BPC is an essential measure to ensure that elderly people and people with disabilities in Brazil can have a decent standard of living and access to basic living conditions.

Therefore, it is a valuable opportunity for seniors and people with disabilities to get the financial support they need to meet their basic needs.

If you still have questions about the benefit, just access the website to resolve all questions:

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