12 Billy Joel Tunes Coming to Rock Band 3

Rock Band: Billy JoelSay what you will about Billy Joel, the man has written some memorable songs. Which is why I’m pleased to read in The USA Today that he’s planning to release a dozen songs as DLC for Rock Band 3. Here’s the relevant quote:

One more new project has Joel venturing into virtual competition. A dozen of his hits will be downloadable for the video game Rock Band 3, out Tuesday. “I’ve never allowed my music to be used in a game before,” but an Entertainment Weekly review of NBC’s The Office changed his mind.

Alluding to an episode in which characters mention a Rock Band featuring Billy Joel, “the critic wrote something like, ‘God forbid that ever should happen.’ So I called my people and said, ‘Get me (on) that Rock Band game.’ Then I wrote the critic, saying that every time I get a check, I’ll give him a little nod.”

How’s that for sticking it to the man?

As far as I’m concerned, if the 12-pack doesn’t include “Only the Good Die Young,” “Pressure,” “Piano Man,” “You May Be Right,” and “Big Shot,” it’ll be a crime against nature. (I was going to say that “Piano Man” is unlikely due to lack of guitars, but I just realized there’s a mandolin, which would be particularly fun to play with the Mustang.)

Don’t believe me? I’ll put all those tunes after the break; just try and claim they wouldn’t be fun as hell with keyboards and a real guitar.

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  1. Aeroshock says:

    I totally agree they better put Piano Man on that list…this has always been a little dream of mine since I heard about eyboards for Rock Band 3…

  2. Croq says:

    I seriously can’t wait for this! I’m almost as excited for this as I am for RB3 itself!!!

  3. Joel says:

    Now if they would only add Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, I could really relive my glory days playing that in high school…