5 Things We Didn’t Know About Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 Keyboard GameplayWhile talking to Rock Band 3 project lead Daniel Sussman, I learned a hell of a lot I didn’t know about the game. But after the interview, Harmonix sent over a set of press releases which included still more info I hadn’t heard about. Like this:

Set list creation and song selection has been completely revamped. It’ll be easier to find songs you want to play via advanced filters, which we knew about from the USA Today story. But did you know you’ll be able to hide songs you don’t want to play? And find songs you may not know about via a song-recommendation system that will “suggest tracks from Rock Band’s colossal music library, based on personal fan preference”? You’ll also be able to save set lists and share them with friends, both in-game and via RockBand.com.

Everything’s integrated. We knew about the new, all-encompassing career mode that tracks your progress no matter what you’re doing in the game. But did you know that career mode will have over 700 “goals and rewards”? And that online leaderboards will be integrated into the career mode? And that you’ll be able to share your progress via in-game integration with Twitter, Facebook, “and more”? Well, see? Now you do.

More peripherals are coming. I’ve written up a post detailing all the currently announced peripherals, but there was a tantalizing bit in the Mad Catz press release I’ll reprint here: “Mad Catz will be offering updated versions of the guitar and drum peripherals from prior versions of Rock Band, as well as improved microphones in support of the Rock Band 3 vocal harmony feature.”

There’s a DS version. I haven’t been able to find any details about that yet, but I’m guessing it’ll have more in common with Rock Band Unplugged or Rock Band for iPhone than, say, Guitar Hero: On Tour.

Finally, here’s one for our friends overseas: It’s getting a simultaneous worldwide release. The press release cites “Holiday 2010 in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other territories” — and yes, that includes the DS version.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go collapse into bed and sleep for about sixteen hours. Nobody announce anything important while I’m out, OK?


  1. Game!Ov3r says:

    Any info on SDHC compatability for us Wii users? And if so, are we finally going to be able to import from older Rock Band games???? This is the huge news i have been waiting for… Plus i bet they will have the function for us Wii’rs to use the DS to select songs/make setlists like we can with Guitar Hero 6 and Band Hero.

  2. CyberQuaker says:

    There’s no reason not to expect SDHC compatibility, as “Beatles” has it.

  3. harveyglobetrot says:

    Point 5 is the news I’ve been waiting to hear. After the balls-up in Aus/NZ with RB1/2, I was worried we might not see a main franchise game out here. I’d like to think some good will may be extended to Aus/NZ fans: perhaps bundling in RB2 with RB3 for a small extra (since the game never got released here).

    Simultaneous release might be a slight over-reach though. The part of the press release (which I haven’t seen) you quote only says coming Holiday 2010. Obviously that means it could come out everywhere at once, but Holiday 2010 is a vague and potentially broad period of time (up to a few months). They could release it in October in NA, November in EU and December in Aus/NZ and still meet that promise.

  4. Daniel says:

    Aussie release yay!

    Excellent coverage over the last few days Joe.

  5. GringoStarr says:

    SDHC compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. The only reason SDHC isn’t compatible with RB2 is that the Wii Menu/software update occured after the release of RB2.

  6. Joe Rybicki says:

    @harveyglobetrot, That’s a great question, and I should have quoted better. Here’s the full quote: “Rock Band 3 will ship simultaneously worldwide this Holiday 2010 in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other territories for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Wii™ from Nintendo, and Nintendo DS.”

    So, sounds like they’re aiming to day-and-date it, or at least get close, rather than spread out through the holiday season.

  7. Pele says:

    “But did you know you’ll be able to hide songs you don’t want to play?”

    People over at the official Rock Band forums are probably celebrating right now. This has been one of the most requested features since… well, since people decided that “Visions” had too many time signature changes to be considered music. Or something.

    Personally, I’ll be happy never to see “I Was Wrong” by Social Distortion on my track selection list ever again.

  8. Astroburn says:

    I agree with Pele. The hiding of songs will be huge! Finally, no more Bikini Kill! As always, many thanks to you Joe for providing all of this tasty news! Cant wait to hear more about it!

  9. Somedudefromaplace says:

    So one big question (may have already been answered), do RB2 songs and DLC from RB2 carry over to RB3?

    Even if not, still can’t wait to try this game…keyboards are gonna be interesting.

  10. gslimjim98 says:

    what i would like to know is since powergig’s guitar controller is cross compatible with guitar hero 6 and rock band 3, how will that work for the pro version, will it only be the 5 fret gameplay or will we be able to play pro mode also cause i don’t see a reason for it to not be playable with pro since it has strings also. and another question is will the module thingy be available for ps3 cause everything they show is for xbox 360.

  11. Joe Rybicki says:

    @Somedudefromaplace, Both should carry over, yep. There could be some exceptions, but the majority should be just fine — remember that most current DLC already has pro drums authored in!

    @gslimjim98, Power Gig’s controller should work with any current music game, but it will definitely NOT work with RB3’s pro mode. The Power Gig only has sensors under the “colored” frets — so just two sets of five frets with sensors. RB3’s pro mode requires the entire neck.