Harmonix “Not Ruling Out a Green Day: Rock Band II”

Green Day: Rock BandInteresting. Remember how project lead Chris Foster said that DLC for Green Day: Rock Band was going to be “just about finishing 21st Century Breakdown” and that “Kerplunk! would not show up in this game in terms of DLC”?

And then, remember how Green Day drummer Tré Cool seemed to imply that they were, in fact, working on getting pre-Dookie material into the game as DLC?

Well, G4tv.com was able to get a little more clarification on the whole DLC question, as part of an interview with both Foster and the band. From the article:

It’s been reported elsewhere that there will be no downloadable content for Green Day: Rock Band. Actually, Foster didn’t put the kibosh on DLC in the future. In fact, he went further saying, “We’re not ruling out a Green Day: Rock Band II or more Green Day on Rock Band. There’s just so much in the archives to work with, including their side projects like Pinhead Gunpowder and The Frustrators.”

(And let’s not forget Foxboro Hot Tubs!)

Now, of course Harmonix wouldn’t “rule out” anything in the future; that would be silly. And leaving the door open for more Green Day in the main music store makes perfect sense, too. But wouldn’t owners of Green Day: Rock Band feel a little jilted if more Green Day showed up in the main store, but wasn’t available in the game? I know I’d be a little salty.

But at the same time, do you really see Harmonix doing a full sequel? Even if this game sells like hotcakes, I’d be astonished if they took that route.

So where does that leave us? My new theory: a straight-up disc-based track pack. Something that can be imported into the main game, but also includes all the Green Day-specific characters, venues, and animations so that Green Day: Rock Band owners get something special. Load it up with 20 or 25 older songs, sell it for $20 with free import into the main Rock Band, and wait for the UPS trucks to deliver money to your door.

But don’t look for such a beast anytime soon; my guess is that Harmonix would wait to see how the game sells before making any kind of decisions about further investment in Green Day. Christmas? Maybe, at the outside, if they really wanted to push it — but next spring would be much more likely.

Check out the whole article for some fun chat with the band.



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    Joe, have you read this? Details about GH6:

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  2. Joe Rybicki says:

    I did see that, thanks for the heads-up! I’m trying to figure out how best to cover it…look for a post in a bit.