Those New Band Hero Drums

Still want.So, after some uncertainty about the fate of the newly redesigned drums for Band Hero, Activision has straightened things out. From an e-mail from Activision PR:

Band Hero launches on November 3rd as standalone software and as a full Band Kit (includes microphone, guitar and drum controllers) for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. At launch in the US, a new, redesigned drum controller will be available exclusively in the Wii Band Kit.  The new drum controller will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at a later date.

In Europe, all Band Kits will ship with new drums.

So there you have it.


  1. Shedar says:

    Yeah :)
    so is this for sure, that if i order the band hero super bundle for PS3 here in Europe i get the new drums on release date? :)

  2. Joe Rybicki says:

    Hope so! That came straight from Activision, and I haven’t heard anything to the contrary.

    Looking forward to trying them out myself whenever they become available for 360 here in the US.

  3. Shedar says:

    wow that’s good news. Can’t wait to try them out

  4. alec bonnici says:

    would these drums be faulty like the old guitar hero world tour drums for the wii ? :S

  5. marco3key says:

    The drums into the band hero pack are better then the GHWT pack, they have fixed a lot of things and is more stable ….WTG!!!

  6. Greg says:

    will be these new drums work for older guitar hero titles and rock band 2 (as well as beatles, acdc etc) for NINTENDO WII ?

  7. Joe Rybicki says:

    Greg, it looks like they will. Activision told me that Band Hero will have the same instrument compatibility as Guitar Hero 5, which means that the Wii drums should work with Rock Band 2 and later, and World Tour and later.

    Here’s an official PDF from Activision detailing compatibility. I was told that you can just substitute Band Hero for Guitar Hero 5.

  8. Greg says:

    thanks Joe you were very helpful !

  9. Brooke says:

    We have a pretty new Band Hero drum kit for the Xbox 360, and the cymbals just started cutting out in the middle of songs. Like, they work for about 30 seconds and then stop responding. It’s can’t be a wear and tear issue because we’ve hardly played.

    We had issues with our old world tour drum kit for wii too and had to get it replaced; just totally over this whole faulty drum kit thing. Lame.

  10. Bdon says:

    Jeez. I am so upset about these World Tour drum-kits – I have went through 4 sets before I got one that all the pads/cymbals would register… And it only took about 2 weeks before the orange cymbal quit responding. Whatta nightmare! What is their problem with putting out these shoddy drums? WHEN WILL WEE SEE THE NEW REVAMPED DRUM KIT FOR XBOX 360 here in the states???????

  11. Joe Rybicki says:

    Bdon, no one seems to know — including Neversoft. Last week, @GuitarHeroDevs on Twitter said: “I don’t have a date for when the new Band Hero drums will be in the US. When I have more solid deets, I’ll share them.”

    Annoying, right? I’d love to check out the kit myself.

  12. Bdon says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! Also – I have been wondering if there is anyplace on the web where I can order the new drum-kit Band Hero bundle from Europe to the US? If I did this – would it work on my US-purchased Xbox 360? I am dying to get my hands on these new drums and would gladly pay for the overseas shipping, I just dont know if it would work for my US system

  13. Joe Rybicki says:

    Well, I know Amazon.co.uk has the bundles, but the game would definitely not work on a U.S. system. (The drums themselves most likely would, but I’m not 100-percent positive of that.) And I’m not even sure Amazon UK will ship to the U.S. — though I think they will.

    Let me see if I can push Activision for any more info about a US release. Seems kind of odd they’re not offering them here at all.

    EDIT: Wait a minute, this is weird. It looks like the new bundles are available from Amazon US. The pics do show the new drums, but I’m not certain that’s correct. I’ll look into it more.

    EDIT 2: Looks like Amazon may have the wrong pics; the Guitar Hero Store clearly shows the World Tour kit for PS3 and 360. Waiting to hear back from Activision…

  14. Joe Rybicki says:

    Just heard back: “We haven’t announced any new drum offerings, so I’m afraid I don’t have anything to share with you at the moment.”

    Figured, but I had to ask…

  15. Danny Molloy says:

    So i live in the UK does that mean that if i buy the band hero bundle i will definately get the new drumkit????